Rocking live. . .on the net

 Just wondering if I put play videos up of Rock Band or Guitar Hero would anyone care or watch? Now don't think I am posting this to beg for subscribers on Youtube or anything cause I'm not. It was just a random thought that popped into my head. I see a lot of videos pertaining to Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I even see people that have "sponsors" and get free replacement shit, that must be a fucking sweet deal because as all of you know the game equipment is not of the best quality. I wonder if I am good enough to be one of those people, probably not considering I play on hard and don't really FC  a lot of things. That's pretty much it for this rambling, there is no real point to it just getting out some thoughts that have far to many characters for twitter, and fuck it that's what these things are for right? posting incoherent ramblings that nobody really cares about anyway