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I love everything you guys do, so keep it up. I am bummed that you wont be a part of the shenanigans I love and pay for. But, this brings fourth opportunity for a whole new type of shenanigans. . .evil shenanigans? Either way I fear change but this seems easier to get behind because I trust you guys to continue to do your thang. In closing V-BOMB HAVE SAFE TRIP

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In case anyone cares the book I was talking about Insignia by S.J. Kincaid is part of the Kindle Monthly Deals and is only 2.99

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After I finish The Princess Bride I am going to start Insignia. I read the sample on my kindle and really liked the idea of it so I bought it when it was a kindle daily deal. Other books I really enjoyed were the Inheritance Cycle.

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The last few books I've read are

1. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (loved it)

2. Wired by Douglas E. Richards (fun, fast read)

3. Amped by Douglas E. Richards (same as wired)

I'm actually in the middle of reading The Princess Bride for the first time. time I loved the movie when I was little Buddhist recently came across the book. book In really digging It

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Jim Joyce. . .that's all I have to say about this

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but seriously what the shit, no peace walker or GT come on now i still play the shit out of GT . but at least Knenka Boncho and DJ max Portable 3 are on there

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@LoktarOgar: AGREED SIR

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I am so excited for this handheld, I am one of the few that loves the PSP, and as "pointless" as it may seem I love the PSP Go and am super pumped at the prospect of console gaming on a handheld. That was one of the big thongs I really enjoyed about the PSP. I have a wife and 2 kids so the tv tends to be hogged. I know I may be on the fringe with my situation and what I am excited about but hey different strokes

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Why is everyone so calm about this? I remember not toong ago everyone list theory shit when this happened to Sony

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I was just going to buy this collection because I wanted to play those games again. I have Silent Hill 2 for the original Xbox and don't have 3 anymore. Now, until I can get it confirmed that they are using the original tracks I am not going to buy it. After hearing the new VO I hate it. I am not stuck in the past and think the original VO was amazing or anything, I just want It exactly how it was with a fresh coat of paint so to speak. If i can't have that then I don't want it

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