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I haven't read through all the posts, just the first one, mostly posting so I can remember to come back tomorrow.

The twin angle became so quickly apparent to me that I started looking for other possible surprises. I can't pinpoint where or why but at some point I became convinced there was a third woman involved. Something stood out to me and I wish my scribbled notes had been better that I could figure out how I formulated that thought.

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I created a new character and got this working for the hell of it (my main is around level 80) and I'm currently rubber-banded and running in circles. What I find interesting is the souls seem to stop from time to time. I'm watching my run and it's a consistant circle, it isn't wavering at all based on objects on the ground I'm running over and distance from items I'm running by that isn't changing. However, sometimes I'll get a batch of souls every few seconds and other times I'll go for about 30 seconds without getting any. I'll pull in 2 to 4 +2084 batches then it goes 'quiet' for a bit. I wonder if that's the game resetting the enemy who will then die again moments later.

Or if maybe it's just weird. Because as I typed this out it has changed and I'm getting +2084 every 3 seconds and it has been doing that for about a minute now.

*edit* Okay, looks like I had a nearly imperceptible wobble in my orbit. I could see there was an ever so slight change in my spacing from this bucket on the floor. A quick tweak to my angle and now I actually nudge the bucket just a little bit and every time I do I get my souls. It's a consistent 4 second interval now and has been for the last 10 minutes.

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It's a stretch but I had made a connection between the pool that lets you teleport in that area and the guys kneeling in little craters washed in glowy light and burning. It just seemed to me like they were somehow related. I had found the pool and it prompted me to interact with it but I was hesitant to do so and continued exploring. I wondered if maybe those other guys had found similar pools but they were traps. When I eventually interacted with the pool and teleported I thought maybe it is an imprecise science so those guys got spit out somewhere they shouldn't have and died or they were lacking some quality (an item or faith) and so the device didn't work for them.

That may not have anything to do with why they are there but it made some amount of sense to me so that's the story I'm telling myself. If lore ever becomes available that explains it that's cool, but in my mind it was a teleporter mishap.

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Remote play of the PS4 works just fine for me using my Vita and my Playstation TV. I previously had a hard time using it but recently on the Bombcast they mentioned a setting that was a bit unclear what it did but it seemed like I should have it on. However, after the discussion on the Bombcast I turned it off and after that it's worked fantastically. The option was turned on by default, I turned it off and have seen vast improvements.

It's a setting called Use Wi-Fi in Power Save Mode, I believe it is in the Power Save options when you go into the setting menu (not in the network settings). Not sure if that will help you but it sure helped me.

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I read about the half of this, so if someone said this already I apologize. You can attack through the terrain and pretty handily win if you are willing.

I went toe to toe with him a few times but was having a little difficulty dealing with the poison because I wouldn't pay enough attention to what was going on and just die from that. I ended up using the hunter's axe in its extended mode using the pillars strategically and cheeseing the fact you can attack through objects. I would do a fully charged R2 through the pillar hitting the beast on the other side, a few of those and it was done. I felt a bit crappy for it but decided it was fair because he can attack through it as well and would hit me if I hugged too close to the pillar.

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Apparently I joined in March of 2009 but I believe I jumped on board December 2008. I had been watching/listening to 4 Player Podcast for a while and somehow that led me to Arrow Pointing Down. I don't think I had ever once gone to Gamespot so I had no idea who Jeff or Ryan were or what their histories were but they were interesting and I was hooked.

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I've been really interested in Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP but never quite convinced to actually pick it up, if that's still available that would be pretty sweet.

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@bwheeeler: I'm not sure what exactly Drew has but I had some of these a while back, they worked fairly well. Elastic laces, you pull them tight and cinch down the little button lock thing.

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I ended up with an 8 which I'm happy enough with I suppose. There pesky blue green area was giving me a tiny bit of trouble too. There were two that I didn't feel good about and kept flip flopping but neither way looked quite right. Probably was just one block that should have gone between them that was somewhere out of place.

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I'm not much of a drinker, but today calls for a nice Eagle Rare. The King of the Driveway and the King of the Summer Jam. That's a lot of responsibility for one man but he wielded his power well.