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Reporting in as well, multiple browsers (Chrome & IE), multiple devices (cell phone, tablet, desktop PC), all trying to access site directly (no side apps or anything). Can watch videos via Streaming but nothing else. Can't download any level of quality. Seems to be any video I try. Videos I downloaded yesterday won't re-download today. Can't seem to download any of the podcasts (using BeyondPod on my phone, some configured by manually entering the RSS feed, others by searching and subscribing to the feed).

I'm subscribed through September 25, 2018 so that isn't the issue.

Just in case it was a bad cookie or temp file of some sort I cleared everything but that didn't help at all.

*edit* I think it's fixed for me. Though I did just get a 404 when I clicked into a video I just saw pop up on the front page. Looks to be gone now though so maybe I wasn't supposed to see that.

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I've uploaded two replays to Killstagram, so far only one has shown up out there. It might just take some time. The first one I uploaded was done last night and it certainly didn't show up right away. It's there now. I uploaded another about 20 minutes ago and will check back periodically to see if/when it shows up.

Also, it named me QuickTemperedEbonyJaguar which I'm cool with! I poked around the local files as well and didn't see anything saved there but maybe it's in a weird file format or something. I found ffmpeg in one of the folders and assume that's what it is using to make the files but don't know where it's outputting them to.

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@elwood: I took it into the editor mostly to save time by seeing where the pipes and doors went. That just cuts down on the trial and error a bit. Even then knowing the path still took me quite a while to figure out how to execute it properly, and I had all but given up because a mechanic that I didn't know was even an option was standing between me and the ability to pull it all off (once certain tactics I had been using were "patched out").

It's really a fair level with all its cards exposed and on the table, with the exception of one little key component. Though had that mechanic been something I was familiar with going in it would have been much less of a struggle.

Long story short, a person could just as easily test the level the proper way and learn the same things I learned from the editor it would just take them longer.

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The original version of the level took me about 20 minutes to figure out, then maybe another half hour to execute and beat it. Turns out every single step of the way the things I was doing were not ever intended to be possible while I thought they were the core concept. Taking out Yoshi undid much of my method. I eventually figured out a new method. Still wasn't the intent. In the effort to get the level as pure as possible, to weed out unintentionally easy ways to beat it it has been updated into a thing I can't figure out. The end goal is still the same, I know what has to be done. But there is a particular step that I simply cannot figure out how to accomplish. I won't be looking for answers, I'll figure it out on my own, or I'll see it when/if Patrick pulls it off. Only after that will I seek out answers (or Danswers) if Patrick can't get it either.

Dan has said no help from the community. That was for Patrick. There was never any stipulation that Dan couldn't get any help on his end. It may have been somewhat against the spirit of the challenge but it was never really specified that he would upload a single level and then leave it to fate. Think of it like a stadium realizing that the turf was subpar and not fit for the level of play coming to it. They overhaul and update. But once the game starts, that's it. No more changes.

But how far will Dirty Dan go? Does he have people at the electric company who can cut the power so Patrick can't finish? Or to cause a sudden internet outage in his area so he can't upload a completion?

I'm probably missing something obvious but damn, I am afraid for Patrick now.

*update* I just figured out what I was missing. There is a thing which can be done that I didn't realize was possible. Once I did it became easy to adapt that into my old method. I now know how to beat it and would just have to put the run together. But I'm a bit played out for the day so that will have to wait. But it's like the knowing of how to do it has unlocked it in my brain, like I don't even need to do it because I solved the puzzle already. Phew.

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Now that apparently an exploit has been found and he is editing and reuploading the level I have no idea who to bet on. I still lean towards Patrick, he doesn't give up easily but Dan may be able to pull out something diabolical. He has it within him.

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I wanted to believe Dan would win, but after beating the level myself about 2 hours after it was uploaded I'm confident Patrick can do it. It will take a bit of time of trial and error but he'll get it.

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@karlpilkington: I'm not at my pc to see the credits right now but there were 2 locations mentioned, it's possible the woods and Atlas stuff were at the other town. Or maybe that other location was just interiors, I have no clue. Just tossing that (admittedly incomplete) info out there.

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I haven't read through all the posts, just the first one, mostly posting so I can remember to come back tomorrow.

The twin angle became so quickly apparent to me that I started looking for other possible surprises. I can't pinpoint where or why but at some point I became convinced there was a third woman involved. Something stood out to me and I wish my scribbled notes had been better that I could figure out how I formulated that thought.

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I created a new character and got this working for the hell of it (my main is around level 80) and I'm currently rubber-banded and running in circles. What I find interesting is the souls seem to stop from time to time. I'm watching my run and it's a consistant circle, it isn't wavering at all based on objects on the ground I'm running over and distance from items I'm running by that isn't changing. However, sometimes I'll get a batch of souls every few seconds and other times I'll go for about 30 seconds without getting any. I'll pull in 2 to 4 +2084 batches then it goes 'quiet' for a bit. I wonder if that's the game resetting the enemy who will then die again moments later.

Or if maybe it's just weird. Because as I typed this out it has changed and I'm getting +2084 every 3 seconds and it has been doing that for about a minute now.

*edit* Okay, looks like I had a nearly imperceptible wobble in my orbit. I could see there was an ever so slight change in my spacing from this bucket on the floor. A quick tweak to my angle and now I actually nudge the bucket just a little bit and every time I do I get my souls. It's a consistent 4 second interval now and has been for the last 10 minutes.