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Apparently I joined in March of 2009 but I believe I jumped on board December 2008. I had been watching/listening to 4 Player Podcast for a while and somehow that led me to Arrow Pointing Down. I don't think I had ever once gone to Gamespot so I had no idea who Jeff or Ryan were or what their histories were but they were interesting and I was hooked.

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I've been really interested in Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP but never quite convinced to actually pick it up, if that's still available that would be pretty sweet.

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@bwheeeler: I'm not sure what exactly Drew has but I had some of these a while back, they worked fairly well. Elastic laces, you pull them tight and cinch down the little button lock thing.

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I ended up with an 8 which I'm happy enough with I suppose. There pesky blue green area was giving me a tiny bit of trouble too. There were two that I didn't feel good about and kept flip flopping but neither way looked quite right. Probably was just one block that should have gone between them that was somewhere out of place.

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I'm not much of a drinker, but today calls for a nice Eagle Rare. The King of the Driveway and the King of the Summer Jam. That's a lot of responsibility for one man but he wielded his power well.

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I've put a few hours into it. Generally I'm enjoying it. As a way to play Borderlands 2 anywhere it's nice.

The controls take a little getting used to but they work. With run and melee on the rear touch I accidentally hit them constantly, and special power and grenade on front screen touch I often just don't use them.

I am finding that I am having a very hard time hitting things at all. I'm not sure what is causing that, it could just be because I've got a new character and crappy guns and I'm simply used to a high level character with much better weapons and accuracy. With a couple of different aim assist modes turned on I'm able to more reliably hit things but I don't think I'll ever have the sensitivity and control on the Vita to be a super badass sniper with quick reflexes like I can on console/pc. I've played a bunch of stuff on my old Vita but never any first person shooters, it may just take a bit more getting used to for this style of gameplay for me.

I don't know what the issue is but every time I load the game I get a message telling me I have items on my character that aren't compatible or something along those lines. I created this character on the Vita after buying the Vita/Bordlerlands 2 bundle so I have no idea why my character would have anything that isn't compatible or what it might be.

There is a bit of slowdown but not so much that it becomes unplayable and it corrects itself pretty quickly. The real downside is the load times. It is understandable that they might be a bit long cramming the game onto a Vita but when you wait a long time to even start the game, then load into the world and have to fast travel somewhere else (assuming you are in Sanctuary perhaps) you instantly have to deal with yet another load. From turning on the device to actually getting to where I want to be feels like 10 minutes (though it's probably more like 5, I've never timed it). If I'm just sitting on the couch casually watching tv while I goof around in Borderlands the load times aren't too bad but if you are doing nothing but trying to pay attention to the game it could feel a tad much to wait for the loads.

Despite the long load times which are a bit tedious it's very playable and enjoyable assuming you like Borderlands 2 to begin with (at this point I pretty much assume anyone considering buying this has already played it elsewhere). The cross save with the PS3 is nice but I played on the 360 first and then later on the PC so I don't really need the PS3 cross save. Maybe in the future I'll use it but right now it's just neat to know it is there.

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Cool idea, I know there are at least a couple of duders around here, one particularly known to the site (Wafflestomp) and some other random guy I ran into at a Walmart once when I was wearing a GB hoodie. It would be interesting to see how many more there are in the area.

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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I didn't see it mentioned (maybe it was, I admittedly only sort of skimmed) but in regards to screwing yourself by despawning enemies and not having enough souls... there are a couple areas in the game where there are infinite enemies. One section has two areas (one right next to a bonfire which makes it convenient) that have mechanics where they realize if you despawned everything and managed to not do a thing correctly you would be locked out of continuing. So the enemies infinite spawn. Technically there is a third area in this same section but once you do the thing the guys stop coming at that location. They aren't worth a ton of souls but often if I found myself not too far from a level up or the amount I needed to buy something I would go farm that room for a little bit (with some gear I had on me that gave bonus souls I got 444 per guy, 6 guys in the room, I could 1 hit kill each of them, turn around hit the bonfire and do it again all in less than a minute).

Then elsewhere in the game there is a section where some very low value guys will infinite spawn while other more valuable guys spawn due to certain actions. In one of these areas you can pull out a bow and use 2 to 3 arrows per guy (4 guys spawn for about 800 souls each) and then the game will actually respawn them for you while you stand there infinitely... if you do it right. Otherwise you might have to do it a little more manually but still, no bonfire required.

Long story short, if you don't mess with summoning/being summoned which is it's own ample supply of souls it would still basically be impossible to completely screw yourself. You just might make it harder and more time consuming.

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I think that is just what the game is. It's like a lot of games, Solitaire jumped to mind initially. You can know the rules and mechanics but you are not going to win every time. Though, with something like Threes the idea of winning is more broad. Just a higher score really. But that is what makes it fun. Can you out smart the luck factor? Can you attempt to arrange your board to be prepared for the game to give you three 2's in a row when you have no 1's?

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Probably just need to learn how to play now. I've found relying on gear bonuses is almost like a crutch, it gets you by but you aren't able to get around without it. I'm far from an expert and die stupid deaths constantly (though I have completed one play through) but if you get a good grasp of the mechanics you can basically avoid ever getting hit by pretty much everything.