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I don't have anything useful to contribute because I'm too wrapped up in ME2 (yeah, had it since release but only now playing it) but I just wanted to say I fully support this as being totally awesome.  I hope someone comes up with something equally as awesome for the father of Catmageddon, my favorite Kinect game that doesn't (but should) exist.

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"  Essentially, if you're a mamberyou can now click the "Theater" link in the bottom right of any video to launch the new player. " 
Sweet, I'm a mamber now! 
I'll have to mess around with this. Sadly my PC is an ancient piece of garbage and the theater basically murdered it the last time I poked at it.  I really should go read up some info at Tested and build myself a replacement.  

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I tend to play games with moral choices twice, once the way I want to play it (generally 'good') then go back and do all the fun evil stuff.  I was waiting for a patch before I go back in.  Once this has found it's way to my 360 I will gladly jump back into the Wastelands.  Though, I really should go back and finish up the Fallout 3 DLC too seeing as I bought it all but never played most of it.

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I've just been playing a bunch of one on one with a buddy of mine and while I think the balance was a little more in my favor (regardless of which side of the law I was on) it came out pretty even.  All depends on your style of play and also knowing the people you are playing with.  His tricks didn't work on me because I see them coming but he can predict mine too.  We began developing new methods for evade/capture. 
So, basically like any online game it's all about who you play with.  I had a blast playing with his guy however, if I played with just about anyone else I probably wouldn't have had much fun at all.

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@Grissefar said:
" With heartful thanks to all our family and friends who share their smrier(???) with us today and every day  Awww. That's sweet, Vinny. I hope you have a happy thanksgiving.  Rich Gallup wrote a chapter too. "
That word there is 'stories'.
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My apartment complex (more specifically the building I'm in) got really jumpy and has cops on speed dial because we did have a domestic abuse situation going on (in the apartment below mine even).  Thankfully I'm good about respecting my neighbors and keeping volume down but yeah, any sort of jumping around or even just heavy walking can end up being super disruptive to a downstairs neighbor.  This depends on any number of variables making it worse or better but in a lot of cases the basic construction of the building make it so that you are essentially stomping on their heads. 
I don't know if it actually does anything for real but someone once suggested that I should get a rather thick, plush area rug.  Something that you can sort of sink into.  It does seem to act as a sound/vibration dampener but I don't know that it really actually is doing anything.

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I've logged in around 60 hours, maybe more than that.  I have yet to actually go to the strip.  I've been in Freeside and have almost entered New Vegas proper but haven't done it yet.  I'm also level 23 or 24 and have gone though 5 companions quests already.  Seems I'm doing everything except what I'm supposed to be.

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Most of my avatar stuff is still unusable, both the few I purchased and what awards from games.  They are slowly fixing that but as of this moment I've still got a bunch that don't work.  Haven't tested my Cardboard Tube Samurai yet. 
Looking forward to being back on the same dashboard as my friends.  To party chat I've been using an older 360 I've got sitting around with a new profile on a free trial gold membership.  Get into party chat with friends, switch inputs to my 'real' 360 and load up the game with them.  Sure in game chat could be used but party chat is where it's at. 
Oh, and though I don't care about sports at all I found myself actually spending a surprising amount of time with the ESPN stuff.

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I found a place called Brewers Beer Bootlegging, Boone, ED-E and I wandered in there.  We found some good loot and were ready to continue our mission.  However when I went through the door from the basement to the main room they didn't come with me.  When I went outside they didn't appear with me.  I fast traveled to the location, still no them.  Fast traveled away and back again, no sign of them.  Went back inside to the basement, they were just standing there.  I tried to dismiss them and then chase them through the door to quickly get them back but when dismissed they didn't even try to leave the area.  I quit out, reset the 360 and it was still the same thing. 
Luckily I had a save literally just outside the main door to this building so I didn't really lose anything I just was trying to fix it.  Out of curiosity I tried to recreate the problem and sure enough, once we got down in the basemen they seemed content to live there forever again.  So, maybe this is just something specific to me and some variable I've got going on over here but maybe just a warning to be aware of Brewers Beer Bootlegging.  Tell your dudes to wait outside. 
*edit* I may have a bigger problem than I realized.  Apparently Boone is dying.  No enemies around or anything but suddenly he says he thinks he's killed his last Legioner and then falls over dead.  I reloaded and checked his health.  He was full.  I step away and then checked again, it was at 37 then he died.  I tried a stimpack, dropped him instantly.  I figured he must have been poisoned so I gave him antidote but he didn't take it and died.  I'm done for now but my next attempt is to take everything away from him and give him an antidote and hope he uses it.  Otherwise my last save before that is about 30 minutes prior which sort of sucks. 
*another edit*  It occurs to me that there must still be some enemy somewhere otherwise he should be auto healing after the battle.  Why I was able to fast travel I'm unsure but that's all I can think of.  It seems so long as I don't give him a stimpack he has about 2 minutes before he dies so I'm going to try to quickly look for a nearby enemy that might still be registering somehow.  After a couple of minutes of murdering nearby carzoids or whatever the giant bloatfly like things are called I was able to fast travel away.  His health wasn't full but it was close.  I got myself patched up and de-radiated, grabbed some water and checked on Boone.  Still not full health but not dropping either.  I gave him a stimpack and it seemed to work.  That was weird.  So a combination of jerk enemies, poison and a broken door and this last hour has been basically a waste.

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Guess I'm charmed somehow because aside from a couple of small clipping issues I never had troubles with Fallout 3 and none so far with New Vegas.  I've been playing almost nonstop since 11am Friday and it is now 4:30 pm Saturday.  I took a break to sleep and go out for dinner but beyond that the xbox has been running the game and the game has been running just fine. 
Oh, and for what it's worth, I save constantly.  This goes for any game that lets me.  It isn't that I'm worried the game will crash, it's that I'm worried the next corner might have a super mutant or something I can't handle at that moment.