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Woo, thanks for the heads up! I set Steam to load up directly into my library and I haven't been great about checking for occasional deals. I would have missed this entirely! I had about $10 in my wallet from selling cards so this became an instant purchase.

I never finished 2033 because my motherboard got fried while I was playing that and by the time I got the PC back up and running I felt I needed to start all over but had too many other games to play and it got left behind. Now my only question is do I go back and start 2033 over before playing Last Light or just jump straight into LL?

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It's not out on Android yet but should be coming soon. There was an opportunity for backers to test it so I have it on my Galaxy S3 and my Kindle Fire. That version works well aside from there being no exit button built in (at least in the test version I used) and that created a problem on my Fire. I had a heck of a time exiting the app but I'm using a custom OS so I don't know how much of that was what I've done to the device versus the actual app.

Android coming soon. via @deliciousbees

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I was thinking of ordering these. I'm not sold on the final color design and am still tinkering a little but I was going for something reminiscent of the Giant Bomb logo color wise.


Now I'm leaning toward this.Though now that I see the two designs side by side I'm thinking I like the original design with a bit more white. I don't know. I'm going to keep playing around for a bit.

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I remember using tape drives and before that punch cards. But that was just older stuff my dad had. 5 and a quarter was my bread and butter.

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I have an xbox, Tivo and pc hooked up to every tv in my home. Plus a networked machine full of movies and music. So, I guess my answer is "yes".

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@mordeaniischaos: How can anyone get this upset about video games? Maybe you need a new hobby. I hear bee keeping is nice.

*fixed a typo*

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@damisterchief: While that is an easy answer, it's less than ideal. Users have become accustomed to seeing a time posted and knowing it is adjusted for their local time zone already. If they don't realize that has changed it could create a lot of confusion. I don't mind if they keep it as is but then something should say "All show times listed in PST" or whatever.

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His name is really Kleptok. "Patrick Klepek" is an alien attempt at a human sounding name.

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So much I could say but it's late and I'm tired. The ending of the final book is perfect and ends in the only way it could have. I instantly put that book down and picked the first one up again. Ka is a wheel as you may well know.

There are parts of the series that are dry but for reasons I have honestly tried and failed to explore and explain those books as a single unit would rank as one of, if not my actual favorite stories. Something about Roland and his world imprinted itself onto me and while there are flaws I love every word.

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That's why I don't read comments ever and very rarely read/post in forums. I'm a member of this site to hear the opinions and ramblings of the staff. I couldn't possibly care any less about what any other user has to say unless I specifically reach out and ask for their thoughts. I know that there are some fantastic people in this community doing some very cool things and that bubbles to the top and is brought to my attention in various ways. However, most of it is little more than noise.

Don't get me wrong though, I think this is entirely unfortunate. I would greatly prefer that people could use reason and logic when voicing their dissent but that's been proven to be an impossible thing to ask for.