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His name is really Kleptok. "Patrick Klepek" is an alien attempt at a human sounding name.

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So much I could say but it's late and I'm tired. The ending of the final book is perfect and ends in the only way it could have. I instantly put that book down and picked the first one up again. Ka is a wheel as you may well know.

There are parts of the series that are dry but for reasons I have honestly tried and failed to explore and explain those books as a single unit would rank as one of, if not my actual favorite stories. Something about Roland and his world imprinted itself onto me and while there are flaws I love every word.

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That's why I don't read comments ever and very rarely read/post in forums. I'm a member of this site to hear the opinions and ramblings of the staff. I couldn't possibly care any less about what any other user has to say unless I specifically reach out and ask for their thoughts. I know that there are some fantastic people in this community doing some very cool things and that bubbles to the top and is brought to my attention in various ways. However, most of it is little more than noise.

Don't get me wrong though, I think this is entirely unfortunate. I would greatly prefer that people could use reason and logic when voicing their dissent but that's been proven to be an impossible thing to ask for.

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So far I've just been seeing a lot more shotguns as loot but nothing particularly powerful compared to what I'm already using. I'm not that stoked because I don't use shotguns much. The minecraft shotty I had was good but it's a low level so I'm well beyond it now.

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Dark Tower is probably my favorite series. The first book (The Gunslinger ) made a major impression on me at am early age and is absolutely my favorite book. Not if the series, just in general. And I loved the way the series ended. It was pretty perfect. I read them all every year and frequently listen to the audio books too.

I also read all of Kings other work enjoying finding connections to the Dark Tower, Sometimes the connections are a little vague or a stretch but nearly every book can be tied in somehow.

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@awesomeusername: I thought that was the case but wasn't sure. Definitely interested in Superbrothers then. Going to bed now, if it all works out I'll be sure to send my thanks in the morning. Thanks duders!

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@awesomeusername: I am interested Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP but it depends on what platform it is for. Basically anything other than iOS is fine. If that's not available (or is iOS) then what about Snapshot? Thanks!

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From my experience, I would rather keep my old Wii setup and use it if I have a desire to play an older game or any of those Virtual Console games. The Wii U as it currently exists is slow to navigate and cumbersome, Wii functionality feels like a crammed in afterthought and not a fully integrated backwards compatibility. I would have rather they didn't bother with it if this is the best they could do. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the system so far but to go through the multiple steps and loads required to play a Wii game is just not worth it to me. The Wii is pretty small the solution for me is that it gets to live alongside it's new brother for a while longer.

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Good list. I had a discussion with my mother years ago but she simply couldn't see games as anything more than an idle passtime. Certainly no redeeming value or reward could come from them. But I've told her stories from some of my favorite games over the years, disguised as books I was reading. When she would get all excited and ask what it was called so she could go get it for herself I would say "well, actually that was a game called Bioshock" Or Red Dead Redemption. Or Mass Effect. Even Left 4 Dead. Now she realizes games can be as 'important' as films and books. So I figure I did something pretty great there.

Also, the reason I actually wanted to comment... I really enjoyed I Am Alive too! It may have been a little bit broken in some ways but the atmosphere was so well realized that I came to really care about the story and love the game. That scene with the kids upstairs from their parents, man that really got to me. I put the controller down and actually sat there for what felt like an hour thinking about my actions and why I didn't just sneak around them. I played through again on Survivor mode and really tried to only kill when I had to, to sneak around more and it made the experience more meaningful. I was afraid of encounters, not because I thought I might be killed but rather because I was afraid of having to kill someone who is possibly just as scared and trying to survive as best they can. I got into the characters head. Few games have done that to me. People looked down on that game but they really should give it a chance.

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I bought the Wii for one game (Super Mario Galaxy), the PS3 for one game (Valkyria Chronicles) and the Xbox for one game (Halo). I don't remember any particular game encouraging me to get a 360, I just wanted it. Going back further the same could pretty much be said for every gaming console I've ever had. One game. Some systems panned out better than others but they all started with one game that got my attention.

That said, WiiU has ZombiU and that game really is damn good. For that, I'm pleased. I've also played the hell out of New Super Mario Bros. U and Scribblenauts Unlimited so I consider my purchase more than justified.

What it comes down to is I am an adult with disposable income. It doesn't matter if it is actually all that good, all that matters is that I don't have buyers remorse. It's a competent little system with some interesting promise (but never buy a thing based on the promise, buy it for what it can do today). Is it perfect? No. Is it terrible? No (okay, in some ways it sort of is but it does what I need it to do).