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@Rmack: Hell, it seems people generally don't read anything these days.  I tend to imagine a bunch of people out wandering around shouting nonsense so as to avoid having to actually think about anything (and yeah that is a pretty weak reference to a Hitchhikers Guide bit).
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Huh, I always wondered about that myself but never put it together.  I've always been pretty neutral I guess.  Really it was more like I would devote myself to one faction for a while then switch it up once in a while.  For me it's about the games, not the systems (and what I could afford at the time). 

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Somehow I totally missed this show when it was on.  I mean, yeah I heard about it but I never actually saw it.  At the suggestion of a dude from work I caught the first season on Hulu, then eventually they put up second season and watched that.  About the time they put up third season it was all available on Netflix so I just started over.  Such a great show! 
I seem to remember reading somewhere that the movie is still very much a reality but that is about the extent of my memory on the subject.  I wonder how the movie, assuming it ever comes to fruition will deal with the age gaps between the end of the show and the setting of the movie?  Granted pretty much the entire cast could play themselves from the moment the show ended without much trouble but  Alia Shawkat  (Maeby) and Michael Cera ( George-Michael) might have a little trouble jumping back into those characters without some explanation.  However, now that I think about it I could totally see them acknowledging that they have aged a bit but still setting a movie closer to the end of the show.  Sort of a 'just go with it' kind of thing.

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It looks like something I could enjoy playing and Rush'N Attack was a game I remember fondly (hell, I 'borrowed' the NES cart from a 'friend' the day before I moved 3 states away).  Even with only that trailer and those brief words about a little hands off demo I'm pretty much already committed to buying it.

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What ridiculous lengths am I willing to go for seemingly meaningless level gains in this game. . . er, website?  I don't know yet.  I have just started to head down a path I vowed I never would.  Twitter account?  Check.  Facebook account?  Check.  Pointless blog that nobody will ever read?  Apparently check. 
I guess it just goes to show how deep the need to 'level up' is rooted in me that I'm willing to throw my hatred toward social networking sites out the window.  MUST. . . GET. . . EXPERIENCE! 
What about you oh unlikely reader?  Does this quest system make you feel the need to do dirty things?

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I'm close to level 7 and I have to say. . . why aren't Ice-T or Ice Cube part of any quest?

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I remember really liking South Park a lot back when it was just getting started.  The crudely done Jesus vs Frosty pretty much showed me a little taste of what was to come and it was fantastic.  Then at some point not too long after Bigger, Longer & Uncut I simply stopped watching it.  A buddy at work got me back into it again partway through last season and I'm loving it once more. 
I thought the testicular cancer episode was great as a whole but the thing that had me laughing uncontrollably at one point were Cartmans responses when asked if he would be interested in something.   
"Does the pope help pedophiles get away with their crimes?" was pretty good. 
 "Is the pope catholic. . . and making the world safe for pedophiles" was great too. 
But the comedy genius in repetition and call backs is a difficult task to master just right.  South Park has always been good and going just far enough or in some cases too far so it isn't funny anymore then they keep going and it gets funny again.  Last night was like that for me when the last ridiculous response was uttered. 
"Does a bear crap in the woods. . . and does the pope crap on the broken lives and dreams of 200 deaf boys?" was simply perfect.  Not to mention of course the peeling the skin off the chicken, slicing it up into lines and snorting it.  I know people that will probably try that, but that's not something I'm proud of.

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100 on my first try, 105 on my second.  That is with the built in button on my laptop.  An actual mouse I would have a hard time going that fast while also holding the mouse over the 'click here' button. 
I've always been able to rival the turbo button on my old console controllers.

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Mine has been Messy But Effective for years now.  I was in some beta test for a military shooter (might have been a SOCOM but I think it was something else) and there was an option for clan tags.  On the spot, to test them out, came up with [MbE] Messy But Effective.  It was theoretically a clan for players like me.  We may not be able to display surgical precision in our actions but the job gets done. . . with maybe a few civilian casualties and perhaps some of our own friendly fire incidents.  That is to say, people who want to have fun, don't totally suck but aren't able to devote the time needed to become totally awesome. 
It's stuck with me and seems to exemplify me pretty well.  Sometimes you just gotta get messy. 
Though I've been thinking of changing it to something obscure just to see if it ever gets commented on.  I would have to stretch it out from my motto to my profile name or something but in all it would say "I didn't know I was playing in a cathedral."  If anyone ever saw that and responded to it  with "Vicki didn't laugh at all" or perhaps the setup to it which is "I told her the joke about the woman who asked her lover 'why is your organ so small?' he was like. . . " then I would know they might be someone I might want to chat with.

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I believe  4WTZ-UYCZ-4RN2-E27L has been used (from back on the first page I think).   
I made a list of all codes provided as of this posting removing the codes people indicated were used and sent a few to a couple friends.  One of them has  responded that he has his beta download code now and used the 'first one on the list I gave him' so it should be the code I listed.  However, as someone else said, there are currently plenty to go around.  My list has 58 additional codes that haven't had dibs called on them yet.  Sure some may be used and just didn't let us know but yeah. . . they are available.