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Haven't touched it or even thought about it since about a month after it came out. I got caught up in my memories of the first game and my hope for the new one but very quickly realized it just wasn't doing it for me. Still I played it nonstop for those first few weeks and then played the auction house game for a few weeks more (making a rather tidy sum of real cash). I should have remembered I grew extremely bored with Diablo 2 within the first month of playing that one too (though I still go back and play the original all the time).

I think regarding game of the year contention it would depend on how they view it in hindsight. A game that burns bright but fades quickly may not be worth talking about for GOTY, the lasting impression was pretty much "yeah, it was good and I played it intensely for a bit but then was totally over it".

Whereas something like Saints Row the Third, which I have not gone back to either is still something I have very positive feelings about and loved.

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@Rane500: Yes, welcome. I am a lurker myself only rarely saying anything at all because as you said, others have already said everything and there isn't much need for me to chime in with 'me too'. However...

@Nightriff: How the hell have I never heard this? Combine this with the super slowed down theme and I could just loop the two forever.

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I don't feel incredibly passionate about it, but I do play this newest game with the volume off. I'm missing out on all of the sound design because without even realizing it the incessant bah's turned me off completely. That really is a shame. I didn't realize it actually mattered that much to me but it must.

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I kept it simple and used my name.


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I should probably care about this but my initial reaction is "meh."

Maybe it's ultimately a good thing, they might go do something cool somewhere else.

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I was yelling "Shoot her! Shooooot heeerrr!" along with Eric Pope.

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I totally do sometimes. Bubbles and bath salts but only occasionally. Normally I'll take showers but I am an avid road cyclist and sometimes a nice hot bath helps soothes the muscles and the lavender bubbles and salts are very relaxing. I don't give a damn if that seems weird to anyone, it works and my legs and lower back thank me for it.

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A bunch of years ago I bought a Dreamcast and a friend gave me all his games (he had a pretty extensive collection). The one he urged me to play the most was ILLBLEED and I tried but when they said it will make you vomit they were right. Something about playing that game simply murdered my eyes and gave me a terrible headache and I literally got sick while playing it. Never had that experience before or since when playing a game. I have tried to go back to it once in a while but I can't, after about three minutes my head starts pounding and I get nauseous again. Even watching that video up above hurt my head.

@jasius said:

Parasec link doesn't work!

Throw a .net in there.

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I would be curious to know if any of those people are Giant Bomb users now and how they feel about Jeff these days. We need an update. Find these people!

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If you watch the Quick Look they realize something is afoot as well. There are collectibles that have John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos and Arthur Allen, might be others in there, I forget. Anyhow, each known or at least believed to be serial killers and such. Not sure how or if that plays into the game at all or if it is just a fun little thing they decided to do.