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been playing off and on since beta didnt realize there was a giantbomb clan would love an invite

IGN: Heurou

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well i was looking at a lists of guilds and i saw the name Lincoln Force and it just seemed right and i wasnt very surprised to find out it was a giant bomb guild only this community could come up with something so awesome

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uncharted is jesus

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@Aishan:  what the hell did you guys do to piss off harmonix
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hey when you want your mcnuggets you gotta kick some ass to get em sometimes

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@mustachioeugene said:
" Is Microsoft starting to sell birth control, or are they just assuming that watching people use Kinect means no one will ever get laid again?
Oops, it's Family Plan, not Family Planning. "
Family Planning is planned for next year currently
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@Sil3n7 said:
" @mikeeegeee said:
" Wow, it's a demo. Also, it has CCR in the soundtrack. For that reason alone I'm incredibly hyped. "
uhhhh WHAT!? It's a demo. A demo is like a commercial highlighting the best parts of the game so that people buy it. Your logic is very backwards if you think saying its a demo is a good defense.... In fact its the worst. "
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