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I'm Awake. Thanks Patrick!

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This is great, Patrick. Keep finding the stories behind game development. Somehow you know exactly the type of news I want to read about...

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With the latest update, and maybe depending on your status in the game, the merchant has changed his inventory. Several new items were added to the game overall, and his inventory was probably changed to reflect that. So he now has fewer empty spots.

Apparently we are going to see increases to his inventory with updates. I assume the other merchants will get more inventory as well...if I can keep them alive...

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Awesome Server. I just logged in and got worked by a couple of enemies I haven't encountered yet (trolls or gnomes?). I like the Terraria experience so much I haven't read any forums or guides so it's all new to me. I look forward to getting to hell on my own...

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The one that has me most interested was shown in one of their trailers: Using the Wii U controller to play board games between multiple players. I see this as useful for the classics (checkers, chess, Monopoly, etc) and could easily make Mario Party good again. If you get to move your character across an actual board I see that as being interesting. Of course, it has the draw of being interesting to non-gamers (much like the OG Wii).

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If you want to exercise, I recommend keeping it fun. Doimg an activity (kickball, or skating or anything) is better than just exercising to exercise. You can also work out easily with no special equipment.