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The most painful game I've ever played. 0

Mario and Sonic is a very big disappointment. Because you have to shake the nunchuck and Wii remote really fast. And that can get your arms sore. I was sweaty after I played this game. Also, in the jumping events, you can get cheated by getting a foul even if you did it right. Well, I'm just happy that Daisy is playable. But I'm not too thrilled with Waluigi being playable. There maybe unlockable events and cups, but no unlockable characters. Overall, Mario and Sonic is a great (not awesome) gam...

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The best Mario Kart Game Yet 0

Mario Kart Double Dash is the best racing, Mario, and Gamecube game I've ever played in my life. The gameplay is excellent and same with the graphics and sound. And what's good about this game is that you can choose any combo you want. For example: If you can only choose the original combos such as Mario & Luigi or Peach & Daisy, the game would be boring and get a low score. But there is a kart restriction and it's there for a reason. Overall, this game is great. No racing game could bea...

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Not as good as Double Dash 0

Mario Kart Wii is an awesome game, but it's not as good as Double Dash. The only thing I don't like about the game is that Waluigi is a starter while Daisy is an unlockable. I don't mind if Daisy is an unlockable just as long as she's easy to unlock, but she isn't. She's hard to unlock. Also, I'd prefer an All Cup Tour over retro tracks. Well, I'll say that this game is the second best game for the Wii. It's a pretty good....

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Best in the Series 1

Mario Party 8 is the best in the Mario Party series. It has more mini-games, better graphics, and better boards. The music is great and Daisy's voice has gotten even better. The boards are very fun and the spaces on the boards take more effect than usual. When I first played it, I though it was an Okay game, but when I played it more, it was an great game. I'd recommend this to any Wii owner and I'd recommend this too any Mario Party fan out there. It's very addictve and fun....

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