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I actually think of Dark Souls as the new Super Metroid. You get better, and stronger (and maybe better geared) and you can survive through tougher areas, which are all named and have unique looks and characteristics.

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Well, it's not surprising. And no, it's only a religious standpoint; plenty of cultures and countries that have no Christian heritage still have segments that do not approve. I'm not commenting on it either way, I'm just saying it's still not a normative viewpoint in much of the world. Personally, I'm pretty libertarian, so I'm pro gay marriage, at least where state intervention is concerned; but I definitely understand people that aren't.

For example, there are many different views of what marriage is supposed to be. From a historical standpoint, the idea of marriage as an expression of love is a relatively new one. If you go back say, 100 years or a little more, it was still very common to have an arranged marriage (and in some parts of the world, it still is).

That said, give it time; seriously. Do you realize how much has changed in like the last 20 years where these matters are concerned? Compared to almost everything, like say, civil rights or women's rights, LBGT rights are moving along at a remarkable clip; like prohibition, it's really only a matter of time.

But one thing that everyone here should realize, is that those who oppose it don't necessarily hate anyone. That word gets thrown around so much, but the reality is that at least among younger people, there aren't even that many conservative Christians who hate homosexuals. A devout Christian shouldn't hate anyone, period. Granted, I'm sure some people do, and that's shameful. Still, disapproval and hatred are not synonyms, not even close.

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I definitely love this game, but I wish the VT Massacre card wasn't in there. It's not exactly funny for someone who attended the school at the time and lost friends (like myself). I suppose there are similar arguments for a lot of the cards, but the article itself recognizes that one card is particularly rough; the first time the guys played they initially didn't want to include that one.

I suppose the question really is whether everything is acceptable if the goal is to be offensive, right? What if there were racial slurs on the cards? Is that still in good fun? I mean, I personally don't get offended by much, and of course, when I play the game, I just don't use that card.

I really do support this game, and recommend it to all my friends (who have a good sense of humor) but to me it does kind of bring up a broader discussion of whether or not there are some things we objectively shouldn't laugh about, even in a wacky context.

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Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Little Big Planet, Demon's Souls, ico/shadow HD coll., Infamous, Infamous 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavy Rain

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@Rekt_Hed: Not to be too self effacing, but last year I made a blog series on the subject, there are some decent ones in there.

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Yeah, nothing I've seen about the game looks terribly compelling. I usually devour RPGs like that one, but really, I see nothing that's going to want me to invest in that world. I don't see wanting to play anything till ME3 comes out.

Well, that and the Silent Hill HD collection, but that's neither here nor there.

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Disliking our current president doesn't make you either a conservative or a racist. Thinking that political preference is somehow dispositive of any kind of mental aptitude does, in fact, make you an idiot.

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Dude, I would rather watch random pc game a million times over..

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Yeah, I made it some long time ago back when the P4 ER was fresh to everyone!

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Easily the four kings boss on new game +, it's simply ridiculous to try and kill them all in time. Yeah, you can do iron flesh/smough's armor, but even still, you could be killed pretty easily, seeing as getting to that boss again and again is very difficult.