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The fantasy steampunk aesthetic of FF VI was my personal favorite

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I like the McElroy bros. but really, Arthur Gies isn't worth the time, nor can he keep his personal politics out of anything.

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Man, I played both those games, and while everything in Saint's row's main story is great; everything that's not is well, just kinda blah/annoying. Skyrim's quests, even lots of the insignificant ones not tied to anything, are pretty damn good, and well written.

I got like 99% done with Saints row and have no interest in going back, I got the full 1000g on Skyrim and don't mind hanging out.

Of course, my GOTY is Dark Souls, so maybe I should shut up.

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Farm chunks from the black knights in the kiln of the first flame. You'll want to have enough to easily upgrade anything to slab status

The NG+ is way harder, as I'm guessing you know

Also...if you're a magic build, make sure you bought every spell from big hat logan in the duke's archives

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already said goodbye, but I'll be happy to revisit once some DLC shows up

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If you haven't played it. Look, it still holds up as one of the best RPG stories ever. In my opinion by a LONGshot the best in the series, and the best RPG from the 16-bit era

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@Cloudenvy said:

Well, there's not much you can really do if you're tired of the Zelda formula.

Pretty much this... Zelda at one time was my favorite thing ever...then Nintendo started making it over, and over, and over.. by twilight princess I just turned it off and said "no thank you." I have some interest in skyward sword, but at the end of the day, what's mostly changed is how you go from dungeon to dungeon, not the fact that you are stuck with dungeon, new gadget, dungeon, new gadget, or the same basic temples we've seen over and over.... not to mention the mind-numbingly annoying npcs

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I sometimes ran into a which point I would summon mine and watch the game go crazy. As for beating's hard to say, I was always stocked on potions, so never noticed much of a problem. Also, by time I hit level 70, not much of a threat (apart from some of the nastier elder dragons)

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Nah, but make no mistake, GB is about the personalities of its editors, without Jeff, it would be hard to keep coming here.

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It's way easier than upgrading in demon's souls, but you still gotta play the game a couple of times through to get a fully upgraded one of everything