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there are a handful of rough spots in the game. Anor Londo, until you know how to fight the large knights, is pretty tough. If you've got it, equip havel's shield, and you should be able to block silver knight attacks.

No matter what anyone says...this game is HARD. When I stopped, I was (no joke) level 573, and I still could get my ass handed to me by basic enemies on the third playthrough if I wasn't careful.

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It's your game, do whatever allows you to have more fun. There is no right or wrong way to do it, unless you're a douche

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This is not a good argument. What do you mean by "greed?" Making a game that appeals to more people, particularly given that the story has been so strong, is called good game design, good business, and just good sense. If anything is egregious about Bioware it's that they can't produce much in the way of good DLC (yes Shadow Broker was solid, but that's one plus in the midst of terrible Dragon Age contemt, and poor Mass Effect stuff)

Bioware's "responsibility", if you want to call it that, is to make the best game they can. If the right formula calls for more shooter elements, then so be it. The percentage of gamers who want to micro-manage stats (even among RPG fans like myself) is going down pretty fast. Even looking at Skyrim, the shift towards a more streamlined upgrade system makes sense.

Finally, we're not anywhere close to the area of tasteless product placement within Bioware. Believe me, those guys know their credibility would take a huge hit for say, pulling an Alan Wake

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Well, Vinny and Jeff are by far the funnier duo; but still, Patrick and Ryan seem to mesh better than Brad and Ryan did for Deadly Premonition.

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It's a game, play it how you want. I was 50 at Smough and Ornstein, but I had to leave Anor Londo to find a better way to attack them. Grinding is a quintessential part of every RPG; this game is no different.

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I love the game, but you can't say it's not hard. Replaying it until you "learn how to do it" or stumble upon the right method is the definition of hard. It's not, in any sense, a puzzle game: you still have to adapt very quick reflexes to guard, roll, etc. I generally play the shooters and other AAA games on highest difficulty, and generally that's a matter of throwing your head against a wall over again until something works.

If you say dark souls "isn't that hard" then I'd love to hear you suggest what in fact, is. Yes, many nes platformers (and meat boy) were challenging, but they both demand the same kind of repetition. Only difference is that in Dark souls, losing to a boss means you often need to get through some very difficult areas to even get a shot (Ex: Gravelord Nito).

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You really think that your "rights" are protected through class actions? That's a little naive; were you hoping to get that sweet 2 dollars for suing Sony into oblivion the next time the PSN goes down? Note that sony cannot waive rights to things like strict liability (say, if your PS3 randomly explodes and hurts you).

For anything large enough to initiate a class action, the negative press alone is going to be way more damaging. Take, for instance, the Rockstar hot coffee debacle. That class action was an afterthought at best, which was deserving of its own mockery, but the negative press was incredible.

Look, I'm not trying to defend sony, but I get a little peeved when I see headlines like this. It's just puffed up; there's NOTHING unusual about arbitration agreements in product licenses.

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Dude, the premium vids have been some seriously random stuff. It's not reviews, quick looks, etc. I mean, if you want that 50 minute video of jeff talking about random stuff...

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Final Fantasy X is an outstanding game; the second best in the series (behind VI). I'd buy an up-rezzed version of it, provided it wasn't too expensive..

Perhaps the only thing more annoying than FFVII obsessives are people are the Morrowind preachers. FFVII was okay, but seriously not worth revisiting again. And really, there's been a bunch of spin offs, bad movies, etc.

VI, on the other hand, hasn't seen anything beyond an "advanced" GBA port. Hmm..

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Guys, you are getting so close to where this game starts getting really good. Seriously, these first few levels are the mediocre introduction. Just hang with it, and the whole internet will thank you.