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I daily caveat

1) Keep playing this, and once you get to the department store, TURN up the game volume so that the audience gets the creepiness

2) This game has NOT YET shown it's hand in terms of scariness, it's really just warming up.

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@PeasantAbuse said:

Awesome, I can't wait to see you guys play the department store level.

yes, thats when the game really gets going...seriously

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I say it every day, but stick with this one. It gets better, and you're just getting started with the plot, which gets pretty good in the whole silence of the lambs kinda way

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Guys, I have two requests:

1) PLEASE keep getting further in this. At least until you get to the shopping mall, around mid-game. It's the first stage that's legitimately scary.

2) Could you please turn the game audio up for this? Condemned has some of the best sound design of the modern game era

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@Rabid619 said:

Man, this video was great. I played through Condemned years ago and had my pants thoroughly scared off. Hope you guys stick with this one for a bit, it has amazing moments spread throughout the whole game. Also, god DAMN those hits look like they hurt. Ouch.

Yes, this game and the sequel have the best first person melee of any title

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I will now most certainly buy a vita

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My suggestion is that maybe you should stop giving a minute to minute update on how (not)scared you are, and instead just play the game at the proper pace (i.e the way you would actually play it in your own time) and try to absorb more of its atmosphere. Also I think it would be better if you stuck with each game for a bit longer, seeing how the tutorial section of most games is not the most interesting or engaging part.

Pretty much this. I don't think Doom 3 is scary either, but Kessler, you're starting to come across as one of those guys who never shuts up to avoid being scared or letting yourself be immersed. Vinny does the same thing, but he owns up to it. Also, I've found that when you're getting scared by games, like really scared by them, the instict is to cop out of playing it. Every time my friend got terrified while playing SH3 he'd start complaining about how much it sucked, and then I'd take the controller and it went back to amazing....funny how that works.

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I wonder why they put off Condemned? I can say for certain that it's scarier than anything they've played so far, but I can also say for certain that they're not going to get anywhere near to where the game starts getting scary (about mid-way through). I've said it before, but good horror games, like good horror movies, take time to build tension and show their respective hands. Subtlety is the key word in good horror games.

I know this is true with every (good) game in the silent hill series as well.

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Some are fantastic, others not so much. Depends on what the ____ is. I thought Dead Space with only the plasma cutter was a blast, and actually prefer to play it that way.

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Dude, I realize few ever played SH4, but just listen to "room of angel" off that soundtrack. Lyrically, one of the best game tracks ever.

Here's a lullaby to close your eyes/ It was always you that I despised/ I don't feel enough for you to cry/ So here's a lullaby to close your eyes, goodbye