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Thanks for the advice Darkkn, I'm really wanting to break back into PC gaming, but can't say I've got a few G to make it happen

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Ok, question for the PC fanboys... looking at the slate of games, how much $$$ would it cost to get into this next generation of PC games? We've already seen crisis and AOC tear through machines... so will this next batch have a $2000+ price tag for those in need of a new PC?

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A lot of North American gamers seem to have forgotten the game (at least that's my impression). I always talk about it, but nobody seems to remember it. I know It was one of the later games out on the SNES, and you're right, it was fantastic. I'd buy it in a heartbeat... which might keep me from ditching the Wii altogether..

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It might sound odd, but I don't think any games should end up as movies. Let's face it, we have yet to see a good true-to-form adaptation. But part of that is because the best games flesh out good stories over a long period of time. We can look at some of the games that play out as if they were movies (like MGS4), but it takes probably 15 hours to get that story across. I just don't see a game adaptation making any great deal of sense over the 2 or so hours most movies tend to run

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I think we still have a lot of time before the full retail version is established. There's what, 8 months or so before it's slated to ship? So as all the feedback comes in, and as more testing is done, I think a lot could change. Yes I hear a lot about the fact that it looks like Resident Evil 4: HD upgrade, and maybe that's true so far. But we just learned about online co-op, and I know I've got a few buddies dying to play that game.

I'm a huge fan of RE:4. Though the game was far from scary, we can admit that it was an unprecedented experience that reinvented the 3rd person action shooter. Ok, so we've seen a lot since then, but think back on the atmosphere, and everything that made RE:4 so incredible. Taken on its own terms, I think the guys at Capcom won't disappoint us
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Well, the guys at Gamespot are all trying to catch up. Let's face it, there's a lot of very green editors there who have yet to really establish themselves as either interesting or terribly knowledgeable. I think they'll be fine, but it's like when your favorite college team loses all of its big names... they're in a rebuilding phase. With no offense to Kevin Van Ord or Brian Mechberg, there's just a lot of credibility to re-establish

That said, I think we've got a real awesome site on our hands. Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, and Brad represented the best of what Gamespot ever had, and I'm happy to follow them here. Too bad that Alex Navarro isn't also along for the ride, but I'm still stoked about all of it
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From what I understand, your story is going to be pretty unique to the second one. Now that I think about it, there wasn't a ton of story in the first game. It only took about 10 hours to play from start to finish, and so there wasn't much time to establish a huge lore. That said, it's worth playing the first if you haven't, it may help you understand the sorts of things that Molyneaux is going on about...