Scholarship Video

Hey all!

I recently found a website,, that is sponsoring a scholarship. The object is to make a short video explaining your dream job. So, I decided to take the opportunity to create one. =)

Now here is where you guys come in. You can help me win this scholarship by voting for this video. The way this works is that the video that has the most votes wins if I'm not
mistaken. Anyway, I do appreciate any support and feel free to share this with anyone. The more votes the better. =P

Thanks, everyone! And enjoy! =D

SonicHomeboy's Vlog #7

Hey guys!

Sorry it took so long to post this video blog. I had some trouble Veoh, but I was able to figure out the problem. I won't go into much detail about it so I apologize if most of the stuff I said in this vlog is a bit old news. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless (even though you may be bored with it afterwards ^^; )

Okay. So to make this up, I'll throw in the video I used to test Veoh's uploading capabilities, and that would be my playthrough of Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Emerald Hill Zone. =D It's a video that I had meant to upload for sometime from the last Retro Revival Week I participated in.

Anyway, I'll be on my way, and I hope to be more active in GameSpot, DeviantART, and Giant Bomb now that I'm finished with my temporary job for the summer.

Until next time, Giant Bombers! 8-)

Embed Testing

Don't mind me. I'm just doing a test to see if I can properly embed videos on here. So here are a few I chose.





About Time I Do Another Video Blog.......

But before I go into that, I'll have to look into a site for uploading my videos. Ever since that error with GameSpot's video uploader, I've been a bit skeptical if I want to continue uploading more videos. Speaking of which I still have videos I shot during Retro Revival Week that I need to start uploading someday. I do have a YouTube account, but I'll have to go through all that compressing which takes some time with this family computer. Why compress? Because I'll have to deal with the same restrictions as I would on GameSpot. So, I've heard that has a much better uploader, and I'll probably check that out instead. If I succeed in uploading a video without having to compress, then I'll be uploading future videos there and embed them here.


This Friday (here's hoping) I'll be sure to go over my trip in Florida. All I can say is that I had some fun, but it would have been a whole lot better if it weren't for the rain throughout that week. :( Also, I'll show off some goodies that I acquired during my vacation. There are a few games along with those goodies. :D Anything else that I forgot to mention I'll just say whatever. (shrugs) What? I'm tired right now.

Yeah, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm alive and well with a sunburn. =P

Until next time, Giant Bombers! 8-)

Hmm. What's the plan?

Now that Giant Bomb is underway, I've been pondering on what to do during my time here. I know it may be early for me think it over since I've yet to get adjusted, but I'm sure that there would be little trouble navigating through this site. So, what do I intend to do, you ask?


Last night I watched Jeff's first series of videos about the site. So far he mentioned about how to edit reviews, upload pictures, and put images in the text. It looks like the editing system was pretty well designed from what I can tell, and I hope to get proactive about using that feature. I hope to check up on more videos on how to use this site.


I've noticed on other users' page that they show a feed of the activities they have done, and I was wondering how I can have that show. Any help would be great.


One of these days I'm going to have to fill that section so that people on this community get to know me a whole lot better. I know that it all depends on how I do blogs, but it doesn't hurt to give them a taste of who I am.


It seems that some have signed up for Veoh if they want to do video blogs. I remember EightBitWarrior stating about not having to deal with time and/or file restrictions, and that sounds very promising than GameSpot and YouTube. I'll have to check into that. Speaking of videos, this is one thing I'm starting to like about this site. Users can now embed videos without having to be dealt with restrictions. Okay, maybe there are some, but still.


Apart from getting in touch with those that have come from GameSpot, I have thought about whether or not I should get to know others outside of the people I know. At this moment, I'm not really interested so I'll let them come to me instead. It may sound like I'm being uptight about it, but I want to be on the safe side about it. (shrugs) That's just me.

Anyway, this is what I have planned so far. Before I go, I would like to ask you this. What are your plans for your time on Giant Bomb?

Until next time, Giant Bombers!


Hello, Giant Bomb!

Hey everyone!

This is Eddie a.k.a. SonicHomeboy! Most of you may know me from GameSpot, DeviantART, or both. Anyway, I would like to say that I'm glad to be a part of this community, and I hope to enjoy myself now that I see some familiar faces from the former site I have just mentioned. Let's make this a good one! :D

Until next time, Giant Bombers! 8)