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I'd get my M license if someone was selling goddamn horse motorcycles.

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Wow. I'm going to miss seeing you with the other guys, but if this is the right move for your and your family, well... It must make it easier to know you've got a whole community that loves you and respects the decisions you make.

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I'm really fascinated by the idea that maybe Naoto didn't gender-identify as a man, but her whole story had to do with combating sexism. I'm going to have to replay the game soon and look for that.

But I really didn't feel comfortable when, on the camping trip, Yosuke says something along line the lines of "Kanji might be gay so you shouldn't sleep near him because something might happen," and what that implies.

And then there was the Persona 3 beach scene where the transexual woman is out to "trick" the boys.

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I was most interested in what CERO would have to say. That's a real shame.

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Pro tip: Never sign that thing they want you to sign that says everything you do is owned by the company you work for.

Pro tip: Never work a job in a creative industry. Your local supermarket is always hiring.

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@mosdl: I'd be pretty pissed if they gave Infamous out for PS+ now, because that was one of the games they were giving away after the PSN outage. I wouldn't be alone, I'm sure.

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I sold off almost every game I had on the PS2 and Gamecube to get more games, and since I had limited memory card space, I deleted the save files too. I have no record of the games I played on those systems. I've re-purchased so much hardware and so many games in the last 2 years that I now know never to sell, even in the case of stinkers, which I tend to avoid now partially thanks to this website. Most recently, I repurchased Marvel Ultimate Alliance for considerably more than I sold it for, and Final Fantasy XIII, which, after replaying, I realize I really emjoy.

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I thought for sure I'd buy Battlefield 4 for the thing, but it's so broken I didn't bother. My fiancee's playing New Vegas on PS3 right now, I'm playing a ton of NHL 14 (probably more than I've played a hockey game since NHL 96) and I got Wind Waker HD for Christmas, so there's a whole lot of reasons for us to turn on the PS3 and Wii U, and no reason to power the PS4.

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My game of the year is basically just a remake of A Link to the Past.

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I had terrible cramping and issues with blood flow with the DS Lite and 3DS that were eliminated by upgrading to the larger size. I hadn't even really considered it for a long time till reading this post. It go to the point where I would only play 3DS games if I was seated at a table with the Kid Icarus stand. I can't imagine the 2DS would be a better option for you, if you're thinking it. Does anyone make Playstation style grips you could attach that wouldn't look heinous? I hate even recommending that...