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Hype. Almost done with Bloodborne and that saddens me. I could go for some new content especially after they now have some feedback about how people play. I expect some good patches along the way. Not that I have a problem with anything in the game. I just like minor changes to games I already beat for whatever reason

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I heard this demo doesn't have uses like the one we'll all have access to very soon. I don't care about the limited demos on Nintendo products but I will with this. Even after release I will be playing this demo, especially if it is slightly different from the final release. I played the Halo PC demo for years and only stopped because Gamespy stopped existing last year. I dig an unlimited demo and fighting games are a rare breed.

Still hoping on a duder to pass a code my way! Pm me yo.

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Still looking...

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@wemibelec90: Yeah just classic Nintendo. They have to find new ways to show everyone they don't know what the internet is. I always uncheck that damn box, not even by default most companies send me a bunch if crap on the daily so I've got to look for it often enough. I don't know if Nintendo did however I've forgotten.

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@wemibelec90: opted into what emails before the 8th? I hit Platinum early this year, and I've always been platinum except for one year (2013 I think?) I checked my Club Nintendo account and realized I didn't have the receive email ads from Nintendo checkbox checked, which might have been what done me in.

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It's also my least favorite way to build hype. Excluding people even for just a moment ends up burning mostly the big fans who might miss the chance to participate i their favorite series. I know the demo is coming soon, but that's the point, builds hype like nothing else. It's practically here but for some it's MORE here. People who do t understand why people are being swept up with be swept up as well with the demo. Expect posts of people being disappointed in the full game and blaming everyone else rather than admit bein carried by the hype.

Me, I already know I'm getting this, I just want to Smash with my friends and help find the new meta with the community as soon as possible. I bet this demo is old too so anything we find out could still be different. DEMO META!

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I actually qualify for the code I'm A long time Club Nintendo Platunum member, but they didn't send it to me for whatever reason. I just got off the phone with them and they said they might be able to help in a few days. The official demo will be out by then so I'm super salt about it hence my inessential asking, I'd pay it forward if they came in sooner rather than later.

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@aregee: no way I'm going to mope super hard.

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Maybe from giant bomb users but they are still spreading pretty hot everywhere else. Doesn't hurt to try, like I said, dying sun.

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Still looking for an NA code. I'm not looking to try like some passing interest, I'm dying like a sun on the inside. The few days before the official demo release seems like entenity to me. Please enable my smash addiction further with a code!