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Looking for a spare PS3 code ya'll!

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I was watching it just a second ago. Closed it and came back, now it's gone.

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Let me know via message that you're from giant bomb! I prefer real names but I don't mind either way.

PSN: SonikuKing


Games: Awesomenauts, Trials Fusion, Ground Zeroes, Mercenary Kings, I'll play anything people recommend!

I also own a Vita and PS3 and own pretty much everything

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Buying a gaming laptop is hard and being partially blind and yet the most competent with computers I am unforunetly the goto guy for computer stuff. Hoping I could get some quick help.

My little brother starts school for computer programming in a couple weeks and he needs help buying a laptop. Light gaming, mostly Indy stuff from steam like FTL, Broken Age, and like Half-Life. Gotta be able to run Minecraft very well.

Budget! right. $700 the less the better obviously.

I actually already found a pretty good one. Is there an american equivalent? Does it matter that it's canadian?

also I forgot the product link for my find.

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The composer for Resident Evil: Directors cut and Onimusha had a ghost composer create most of his music after he was slowly going deaf. some excerps from the kotaku article.

Mamoru Samuragoch* has been called "Japan's Beethoven." Even as he went deaf, Samuragoch continued to compose scores for video games like Resident Evil and Onimusha. This week, he revealed that he used a ghost composer.

A gifted musician, Samuragoch had a degenerative hearing condition that left him completely deaf by age 35. However, as AFPpoints out, he continued to release work, such as "Symphony No.1 Hiroshima," a tribute to those killed in the atomic bombing. His scores for the DualShock version of Resident Evil Director's Cut,released in 1998, and Onimusha, released in 2001, were popular among gamers.

A shame but all I care about is finding out who is actually responsible for this classic Director cut hit.

Which replaced this incredible song

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Omg I double-tapped the PS button and immediately went back to playing Contrast Futureisnowsazxcdfgtrfghjmjgt

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@vinny_says: Just a pointless confirmation for the lulz. Everything about the PS4 will be well treaded ground in the coming weeks. Snark away everyone!

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Logged in to my account and started watching the Knack QL. Facebook login, didnt work (not enough memory error ) video player worked without changing settings including making the video fullscreen.

Guys, the PS4 is awesome. Oh, also making posts works too.

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This would be my first real experience with Diablo. Would appreciate a guest pass.

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Hole on they might be talking about just Pixel Junk Monster Deluxe for the PSP and now available on the Vita, but then it cuts in 2 other games Shooter 2 and Sidescroller only confusing me further...

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