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#1 Posted by Soniking (58 posts) -

Thanks anyway! Still hounding for some NA codes.

#2 Posted by Soniking (58 posts) -

None of these where recognized. They don't even say if they were used already. Maybe you mistyped them? Bummer.

#3 Posted by Soniking (58 posts) -

I'm a huge baby that I just missed out on those codes. I wouldn't mind some help on a code folks!

#4 Posted by Soniking (58 posts) -

Any codes anyone might dropping on me? Been scouring around like an idiot and being nigh blind doesn't help. my hype is palpable!

#5 Posted by Soniking (58 posts) -

My friends have been hounding me to play this game for years and after a bored couple of weeks I polled my friends on what game I should beat out of a screenshot of my Vita games and every one voted Parasite Eve. I'm asking for tips on a first time playthrough, not a walkthrough but maybe some stuff to look out for in the future, or help with the weapons system. I'm starting to grasp how upgrades, tools and mods work but he UI can be confusing at times. Thanks for the help.

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@patrickklepek: There are already a lot of people affected by the audio recognition stuff. I know you already highlight the issue but the bigger problem is in tandem with the VOD archiving issue and those potentialy affected. You also talk a bit about that in the last paragraph but it seemed like a lot of people talking about this have shortened the issue from the people who were obviously affected in one way or another into a conversation about user rage. You don't do this specifically, but that last chapter I thought could have used some bolstering. Hope I don't sound entirely like a jerk, I really like your writing.

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Was expecting more from this article but its about the same effort that Kotaku put into their hastily researched article. I'm willing to bet there is more as this all develops but as it stand some of the bigger issues being simplified into one sentance is bugging me. Excited to see more Patrick! Maybe a dumptruck of some speedrunners.

#8 Posted by Soniking (58 posts) -

Looking for a spare PS3 code ya'll!

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I was watching it just a second ago. Closed it and came back, now it's gone.

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Let me know via message that you're from giant bomb! I prefer real names but I don't mind either way.

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