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The latter half of the video says that a few Pixel Junk games are coming to the Vita either during the week of the sale or on the 15 , it isn't exactly clear. regardless , has anyone played them on the Vita? Are they actually on the store? I checked out bothe the PSN stores on the Vita and the PS3 they don't mention anything on the Vita PSN but the PS3 PSN has them for the sale price but no mention if they can be downloaded to the Vita or if they are just exclusive for the PS3. I can' figure this out and I don't want to spend money on the PS3 PSN only to find out my Vita is screwed out of some awesome games. Anyone figure this out? Is the solution obvious and I'm just stupid?

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@Enigma777 Not exactly a contest.
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Skyward Sword ends up being the most offensives game I have ever played. I go back and play where I left of every couple of months but I always feel like the world knows how to fix itself without me, I feel like an intruder in a world that outlines every single quest, item exploitation, character and motive.

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@Hitchenson: That's why you gotta get that legal shit. Government money dawg.

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I finally figured out the alphabet this game has been hiding from me for so long. I understood the "quick fox lazy dog" thing it was pretty obvious but the stone block and the symbols plus the order and orientation was so baffling. Eventually I drew it all out on graph paper and after a few hours of scrutiny I figured it out! I have never felt such a strong air of amusement and mystery since I was 8 and I played Links Awakening. I absolutely love this game. I probably would have solved this sooner but being legally blind makes things kinda hard.

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Eventually it goes from " wow that sucks" to "I better time my jumps when the rabbits aren't moving the platforms are at rest and the aauto-saving is done.@gunstar

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I still don't get it. Damn bell spent a lot of time on that thing.

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The drops and stuttering had killed me at least twice.

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I love this game, got it the moment it came out and beat it a few hours later. Although it's such a polished game the stutter mess that it eventually became was a letdown. The fps just dropped every few seconds ruining all the cool transitions and the more hectic screens. For the most part it ran smooth but it eventually became hard to overlook. Bums me out to the point that I think it needs some sort of patch or a degree of concern from the developers. I do love this game though, so much fun.

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