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I personally think the humor, while it misses (a lot), has its moments. The game is actually a lot of fun. I recorded some gameplay, so I can hopefully cast the game in a better light. The combat opens up dramatically with upgrades, and has a pretty good flow to it once you get going (The Sai are pretty cool). The camera kind of sucks, though.

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Don't lie to people, OfficeGamer. This is better than vanilla Far Cry 3 by miles. No more stupid self-serious plots, and no more lame main characters, and more 80's and neon.

Everyone needs to preorder this, so we get more awesome spin-offs like this in the future.

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@Fierrze: Watch the dev diaries. It has everything to do with the publisher, and how they felt like the setting wouldn't be as appealing, what with the CoD games gaining an immense following. Obviously, this was a lapse in judgement.

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@Stonyman65 said:

Because it looks fucking stupid? And Raiden.

I probably one of the most die hard MGS fans on the planet but this..... this is just dumb.

When a game gets killed, brought back, killed again, and then brought back again over the course of 3 years and STILL nobody is saying anything about it... It's kind of a fucking sign. Just let it die already! Nobody cares anymore!

It got killed because Kojima didn't know how to make it. And it looks so awesomely over-the-top, that this may be my favorite "Metal Gear" game to date. I can't believe that people still aren't attracted to the Platinum Games stamp. They should make every game, ever.

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@Turbyne said:

I played the demo and didn't care for it in the least. I'd been anticipating this for months too.

Not my kind of game I guess, and I ended up liking that new DmC game quite a lot despite joining the hate bandwagon pre-launch.

Surprised this did nothing for me. Whatever, lots of other games coming out.

Admittedly, that dude making loads of DmC hate threads making a mess in his pants over this game is kind of tragic. But I guess this is where he'll live on the forums for a while. I should get out of here.

Good to know that I'm going to love this game. I want something deeper than DmC, and this seems to be the ticket.

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@Mnemoidian said:

@SonnyCheebah: Of course, the skill tree looks a lot more complicated in Warframe, but from what I've seen, they felt rather irrelevant - much like typical MMO-style talenttrees (+5% movement speed? Jolly ho!) vs Mass Effect's much greater choices (Attack does more damage to shields or armor. Or pick between recharge speed and straight power)

That's what the mods in this game are for.

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@Mnemoidian: It's not a lot more shallow, per se. I think that once you get used to really moving around and looking like a badass space ninja, things sort of click. I really like ME3's multiplayer as well, though.

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@Andorski: Yeah, it doesn't tell you a whole lot. They neglect to tell you that you can access other planets via the map when trying to vote. If you're not seeing where someone's vote is placed, chances are it's under another planet's systems. Also, the economy works as follows:

You are given credits at the end of each mission. You can also acquire credits by selling modifications that you don't need from your inventory. Seeing as how a good deal of the game requires at least 30k in credits, it's recommended that you amass a good amount, and save for a substantial weapon purchase. Also, you can spend credits on blueprints in order to craft weapons and frames, or whatever else you'd like. It seems that they've done away with requiring the usage of Platinum (Real money) to get anything but cosmetic changes, or to simply speed along the process that would otherwise be a level-grind.

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@Subjugation: He was playing that game like a TotalNoob. He didn't even shoot-dodge, or sprint-slide-slash.

In as PsychoGunner.

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At the risk of sounding like a douche: Did you guys really think that a Japanese game would sell well on the 360? If it isn't Dark Souls, then there's little hope of it having success here. Not to mention, this was a niche game to begin with. Even in the PS3 demo, I was finding matches left and right, but that has more to do with the amount of PS3 owners there are in Japan, I suppose.