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@scrawnto said:

How do you know which are the hurtful emails until you've read them? They probably don't want to ignore the constructive or nice emails just to avoid the mean ones.

Good point. Just never expected any of those in a place like Barrens chat.

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Creators tend to be more sensitive about their work than anything else. Because a lot of them build their self-esteem directly from their work.

I just figured that the analytics page would provide all the real information used to create better content and not anonymous comments and emails.

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Why does this Flappy Bird creator have to read mean emails? Could he not just hide subjects, and skim through them only reading official/business related emails? Why would a YouTuber, like the ones in today's reddit thread, have a problem with mean comments/emails?

I do not understand. I have a small YouTube Channel and have received a bit of hate, just because it's there. So I stopped reading comments/emails and just delete non-official ones. Is this drama just more youtubers over-exaggerating for attention? They seem to do that a lot, especially Total biscuit. But because this seems like such a no-brainer, there must be something I am missing.

Why are they reading mean comments/emails instead of deleting the obvious non-construction trash?

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Read the first two paragraphs, skimmed down to look at the size of the article and decided to save it for tom. Its to late in the evening to get this excited. I wont be able to sleep.

The title alone caused my blood pressure to spike. This Kleptoc guy is going places.

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What happens to all those old game videos made 5 years ago, that are still up and running, but are now on accounts that have been collecting dust? As in, the owners/creators moved on, but their videos have been collecting money all this time. Could this action by YouTube prevent them from coming into a bit of a windfall years from now or potentially remove deserved profits from their accounts without them knowing until it's to late?

This whole things reminds me of the purges that would happen in MMO-RPGs years ago. The ban hammer would fall and the resonating impact would decimate innocent players just because they were in a guild or linkshell with bad apples. I wonder how much money YouTube will now not have to pay after all this is done.

This whole thing is ironically timed. It's just like when Mr. Potter found the Bank's money.

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Usually buy about 15 to 20ish worth of food and pay with a cool smooth 30 dollar bill.

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Bravo! Tomorrow night shall be a splendid affair!

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The big head fits better for me. But I'm a bit bias, as a big Seinfeld fan.

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The font and word placement make me think this is indeed a rip-off.

I would buy that!

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Prime was an amazing title. Play 2 then 3 then 1. The first game's high quality will make the sequels disappointments.

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