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Is Joffrey the dwarf??

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Fake your own death

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Well I wish more 'special' games would come along, there's too many that play it safe to a fault. I expected BioShock Infinite to be a leap forward for the franchise, I didn't expect it to simplify things and turn it into 'of Duty.

Persona 4 and Mass Effect 2 completely hooked me start to finish, so much charm within both.

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I have spent around $100-150 on League of Legends across 4 years (rarely play it now) and have amassed over 1500 hours. Sounds like a lot but it just adds up bit by bit.

I routinely spend money on games and find them disappointing or boring and sell them at a loss, or they go to waste completely if they are digital, so when you look at it from a time per dollar perspective, I got a great deal.

You know what I really regret? Paying so much money over the years for server transfers and race changes on World of Warcraft. What a fucking waste, and they were also getting money from me for expansions and the monthly fee. At the time though, I had my fun, even if a few times I really did throw money away.

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@sessh said:
  • Didn't interrupt the eulogy. (That one just seemed obvious, with Snow being there and it being a damn funeral.)

How do you even do this? I kept saying nothing but then at the very end, I did it about 4 times and the same thing was being repeated, so I then interrupted it.

I think I might've encountered some kind of bug because I sure as hell didn't interrupt it, still got told off though.

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This is great, my Vita gets more use than my Animal Crossing Machine as it is.

I mean the 3DS.

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Infamous: Second Son


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I don't watch them, if I am gonna watch someone play a game it will be for a tournament like on Street Fighter. Rather not waste my time with someone as annoying as PewDiePie.

I have used them at times to quickly check out some gameplay of something, but that's it. I really can't stand all the forced humour.