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If there's one thing I learned from watching some of the white knighting Phil is receiving, it's that it's OK to publicly wish death upon another human being so long as the way you say it has been said by someone else before. Because then it's "a reference" and that completely 100% negates the message. Right.

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Hey man it's all well and good to defend Kotaku from the dumb arguments Marcus Beer was making but let's not lose focus of the fact that Kotaku is the kind of place that posts vapid articles trying to drum up outrage over a children's game by comparing the censorship of anime butts to the non-censorship of one of the greatest and most influential pieces of artwork of the renaissance.

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@jdh5153 said:

They were a one hit wonder anyway. KOTOR was good, but everything else sucked ass.

Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate how wrong this post is?

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Boy, this really sucks!

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People focusing entirely on the fact that it's a woman's torso are missing part of the point. It would have still been really creepy if it were a barrel chested man torso with a rippling six pack and tight pecs.

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rapelay japanese games sexism objectification social justice otaku rape culture etc.

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Only one page in and someone already used to word entitlement. You can set your watch to it.

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I gave up the :10bux: a short while before that thread started so it was the first big photoshop thread I took part in. I remember slenderman, along with the rest of the early submissions, being pretty dumb until some more goons took a crack at making images of him. He really got into his own when the shitty smudge tool tentacles evolved into the great looking elongated limbs and extra arms and such. The pre-marble hornets slendy I always felt was much more intimidating. Before, he was this wholly alien creature, oftentimes standing a dozen feet tall and holding himself up by his horrifically stretched arms. But then the public eye was introduced to him as "the dude with no face that stands around" and now we have this shitty model shuffling around while people film themselves overreacting on a scare cam on youtube.

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Can some EU folks file a class action lawsuit over this as a favor for the US users? Thanks in advance.

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