What I do when I'm not working

Play video games of the course, but no seriously. I don't have much of a social life. It's not that I'm not a people person. When I'm out in public I'm usually center of attention and have a great time yet as it is, I never actually want to go out in public. I'd much rather do nothing. Just sit in my comfy chair at home and indulge into video games, either honing my skills at CoD to be the best and always be #1 on the team or play co-op games like Nazi zombies, Halo Reach Firefight.
I'll also drink about 5 cups of coffee in the first 2 hours I've been awake and usually get an anxiety attack or chest pains from all the caffine but I don't care. xD
Reply with any comments. This is just me putting myself out there.


Enjoying the Borderlands experience

Been playing Borderlands with giantbomb recently, really enjoyed the help beating some of mad moxxi's arenas.
This blog is irrelevant, but I'll get into my real train of thought when I wake up with a morning cup of java.