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Well, this is seriously fucked. My condolences, and R.I.P, man.

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So, uh, could we get a word on this? Been pretty reluctant to resume editing in the meantime.

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Godspeed, Dave!

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@mutha3: Man, really? I... need to look into this.

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@mutha3 said:

oh man don't make me switch my vote

I mean, yeah, it's pretty egregious!

@Animasta said:

it was only underminded if you get all of the answers right in the following section though.

ahaha yeah p4 really does have a terrible endgame

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@Animasta said:

that hospital scene trumped anything in the walking dead

If only it weren't undermined by what happened immediately thereafter!

anyway clem sounds less like a 40 year old woman affecting a childish lisp but dojima's character doesn't really work without nanako and that dude is boss so

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show me how to canhur, ATLUS

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@Hailinel: I couldn't think of a single Kaneko design so marked by excessive design and nonsensical flourishes as the aforementioned Asmodeus. There's a clarity to even the most labyrinthine Kaneko design that is entirely absent from these new offerings, but even removed from that sort of context, they're just terrible.

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@FluxWaveZ: They originally appeared in this famitsu scan that was released on the 18th.

And Soejima was credited as a "designer" on Nocturne alongside several other artists but wasn't involved in any major creative capacity.