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They're so bad! They're also, like, two weeks old.

seriously though so fuggin bad you guys

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@Stete said:

The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides.

This dude knows what's up.

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At this point, I almost expect to just hear an announcement that Kaneko's leaving Atlus.

Yeah, If they couldn't get him for the fourth mainline SMT game, I can't imagine he'd be involved in any other projects of lesser importance.

man that is some bleak business

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I'm not too bummed about the sprites. Some of these designs make pretty terrible transitions to 3D (Dominion, Ongyo-Ki, anything with a fire/smoke/particle effect), and it'll at least make for snappier battles.

but nothing will fill the Kaneko shaped hole in my heart

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why did that post show up in my inbox

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@Eirikr: I'm racking my brain trying to find out what "Kougasapurou" (sic) is supposed to be, but I'm not coming up with much. It looks pretty terrible, I can tell you that!

also why does everyone have silly bangs

EDIT: Do not search google images for "Kougasapurou", it is literally nothing but cartoon porn.

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@mutha3 said:

Example: Teddie's Persona(Kintoki-Douji) is traditionally depicted as a bear with a tomahawk in Japanese folklore.

Naw, son. Kintaro Kintoki-Douji is generally depicted as a child or young man, though he was known to associate with the wildlife of Mt. Ashigara, which may have included a bear or two.

And Chie, Yukiko, and Yosuke's initial Personae are basically less nightmarish versions of their shadows, if that helps any.

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Man, the beats they've released so far have been well and good, but this is the sickest beat of them all.

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@Eirikr said:

Only because this game will be the champion.

this is the worst thing I've ever laughed at