3DS Checklist

Well, here it is, the list formerly known as 'Justifying my Inevitable 3DS Purchase'. Now that I've nabbed myself a 3DS XL it's time to start knocking some items off the list.

List items

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Posted by Eirikr

I can't believe you don't already have one!  It's kind of hilarious (thinking of the Chicken Littles) how the 3DS's worthwhile releases eked out parallel along with the DS's first year or two. 
And I don't know if it portends the future or not, but Soul Hackers' story demons are regularly voiced, through "demonic" filters. But that wouldn't reflect, say, demon conversation in IV with a cast likely above 100. 

Posted by Soren

@Eirikr: I'll probably snag one near the end of the year, once CS is released. That's about all the push I need at this point.

Koga Saburo speaks with a sort of "demonic filter" as well, but yeah, hopefully that's not indicative of demon negotiation. If not, I'd hope they at least remain unvoiced with the occasional soundbite thrown in, à la SJ.