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Yo, these are alright in my book. From the bottom up, in terms of preference.

One day I'll be satisfied by the composition of this list.

One day.

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Posted by Eirikr

Though that title would undoubtedly belong to the original DDS, were it not for its insufferable battle theme.

Well. These certainly are words forming...a statement.

(I just saw this, I must have glossed over it months ago)

Posted by Soren

@Eirikr: A true statement, even. Though "insufferable" is admittedly a bit too severe. Let's just say I don't like it very much. It's just... paced really poorly? Keep in mind that I know next to nothing about music. I enjoy the remix they used in DDS 2, if that's saying anything.

But no, I often find myself changing the accompanying text on these lists every few weeks, in some orwellian fit of dissatisfaction. That one was a recent addition, I believe.

Posted by Eirikr

@Soren: I don't know the first thing about music theory either, but I gotta say DDS1's Hunting might be my favorite battle theme next to Nocturne's. I agree it's not a very fast-paced one, but all the different solos made grinding on Ises and Lakshmis much more interesting. DDS2 Hunting is great too. Taken together, the two games are just amazing on the audio front. Shame they don't get more attention.

And going by comments on related videos, was Vritra named Vitra in DDS2? That would still be better than Asura's Wrath's "Vlitra." Come on Capcom, Wikipedia is right there! "Revelaitons"...oh, right.

Posted by Soren

@Eirikr: Nah. I'm willing to bet "Varna" was the only major gaffe in those games (made all the more jarring by the addition of Varuni).