Positively Proactive

I'm hoping to finish off my backlog once and for all this year. We made some pretty good progress last year, but it ain't over quite yet. No longer will I feel a tinge of guilt upon each new purchase!

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Posted by Eirikr

Man, I just did a 3 Fighters/1 RM playthrough of FF. It was...not challenging? let's say. I don't think you'll have a problem.

Posted by Soren

@Eirikr: Yeah, just cast haste and have a ball.

I've made significant progress through multiple playthroughs with a more traditional set-up, so I'm not really cheating myself out of anything in that respect, at least. Though this is all on hold until I've had my fill of DS2, of course!

Posted by Eirikr

You still have about 10 days or so to finish all these!

Posted by Soren

@Eirikr: Don't be silly, the world met it's end only yesterday!

But yeah, now that you mention it, I could definitely knock a few of these out in the meantime. I left off right at the Temple of Chaos, so that much would at least be doable.