Six things I learned from my bachelor party

1-Strippers, or in this case rubbers, need to take 45 minutes “powdering their nose” before performing. I don't blame them, as I'd need my brain properly numb as well to do this sort of thing 5 times a night.

2-Whip cream is really filling.

3-Glasses have no problem going in and out of a vagina. Even if the owner of said glasses didn't want them to go there.

4-If you have bad timing, you'll wind up with the stripper when she is having a very bad trip.

5-Always have a first aid kit available for when the stripper flails her arms/belt around wildly.

6-Pussy smell does not come out of clothes/beards/furniture very easily. I've opened all the windows in my house and it still stinks. I've taken 5 showers and I can still smell her on me. I think I may have to burn a couch.

Long story short: shit was mad fun! Props to Paolo, my best man, for setting that shit up. I can't wait until some other fool gets married and I get to see the whole spectacle again.