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Am I the only one who had a really good time with this game? It had surprisingly good gameplay, and the mummy was super-funny.

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I think I have them all except for Treaty and Smile.

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Has anyone gotten the Treaty achievement yet? I just got the Wax Off achievement last night, but the Treaty is even more difficult for me. Any tips?

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Why don't you get another Ethernet cable? I don't think they cost too much.

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C4Lukin said:
"Deadline:  Early on kill enemies and collect Geoms as quickly as possible just going straight towards the enemies and trying to clear out each wave as quickly as possible so that the next will appear (yes very obvious).   Using bombs is better then dying,  the longer you stay alive the more waves of enemies will appear faster it seems.  Once you get a steady flow of enemies go back and forth shooting in front of you along the bottom third of the screen collecting Geoms as you go.  This is a much better strategy then the circular pattern that worked so well in the original.   If you get a break shoot towards the upper half of the screen and pick up points,  but the best way to get geoms and stay alive is a left to right pattern along the bottom portion of the screen or top,  but generally you want to focus on increasing your multiplier as quickly as possible  over killing the maximum amount of enemies for the first 2 and a half minutes.   After that point just go wild and kill as many enemies as you can and forget about the Geoms.  

Waves:  With the first 4 or 5 sets of waves,   just find their location and try your best to take them out in a nice string so you can collect their Geoms quickly.  After that point,  pick a corner (lower right for example but not to close to the edge) of the board that you are comfortable with and make that your base for the rest of the proceedings.   If you are in a corner you can see the spawns for two different directions and can only get surprised from two other.  Plus if you are in the bottom right for instance,  you do not have to worry about any ships going left to right in the upper half of the screen,  or any ships going up and down on the left side of the screen.  Any ships that spawn near you, take care of them and if you hear a spawn off screen then shoot in one of the two unknown directions they are coming from to try and increase your chances of not getting surprised.   Any break you get shot a spread pattern at the opposite corner of your ship to pick up kills and points.   If you are "for example"  in the lower right corner and you clear out a big chunk of enemies along the bottom part of the screen,  then go for those geoms if you think it is safe.   Once gates start appearing and you have a clear path, go for them.  I have no idea what the math is behind the scoring involving enemies destroyed by gates but they seem to shoot your score up more then anything else. "

   Those seem like good strategies, thanks.
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It took a bit of practice but I made it through without too much frustration. I still can't get the Treaty or Wax Off achievements though. 

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Anyone have some good tips? I've gotten to 90+ percent many times, but I just can't finish it off. It's so frustrating!! 

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I don't think so. The first game didn't save unless you were on Xbox Live, but it notified you of the fact whenever you weren't. 

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Homer said:
"Wouldn't lives be pointless then?"

Well like I said, you could have a limited number of them, or just put it in a practice mode.
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So this idea just came to me last night, and I don't know whether it's genius or terrible, but here it is: what if the Braid rewind mechanic was incorporated into Geo Wars 2? It could be a limited power-up like the bomb, and you could rewind to before you die. It could even just be incorporated into a new practice mode, so you could rewind and see what you did wrong, and see if you can fix it. What say ye?