Thank you, Ryan.

“Maybe death is the great equalizer, the one big thing that can finally make strangers shed a tear for one another” - Morrie Schwartz

Today, we found out Ryan Davis passed away.

My first thought on reading Rorie's post, like many others I'm sure, was that this had to be a terrible joke and I immediately went searching online for proof of the fallacy of this assertion. Unfortunately, I didn't find what I was looking for. I was stunned and couldn't fathom it for hours after. I guess I was in shock. It's weird because I never met the guy and, before this incident, would have thought that being this affected by the death of someone you've never actually met is ridiculous and probably affectatious to some measure. Yet, I truly entered into a state of shock, and eventually shed a few tears when it finally settled into my mind.

Ryan was an integral part of the Giant Bomb family and the thought of never hearing him on another (new) podcast, or seeing him in another live video, or on stage at PAX being silly and hilarious, is still something I can't say I fully accept. I'm sure every duder and dudette shares the sentiment and we'll all be reminded of his absence every single pod/vid cast hence.

If a stranger like me, with thousands of miles of distance between us, who only ever knew him from the podcasts and videos on the Giant bomb site, feels this loss so distinctly, how much more his family and friends? My heart goes out to everyone who met and knew him personally, or more closely. Afterall, I feel like I did know him somewhat and I know many others feel the same way.

The outpouring online over his passing has been incredible, and all the little snippets surfacing from people who've met him have been heart-warming and inspiring. All this is a testament to how many lives he touched. Ryan Davis wasn't a celebrity. He was a man. One who generously shared his life with all of us. And we truly are better for it. Thank you Ryan. Thank you Giant Bomb.