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Avatar: it's a bomb.... get it?

Username: some stupid screen name i've had for 20 years...not that exciting I guess

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My man!

*high fives DigitalCybercherries*

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: @urbansanta said:

Portable pornography. That's really it. For me anyways.


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MH3U is great, but I seriously recommend watching some beginner tutorial videos before you jump in, the game explains very little and that may be enough to end your enjoyment before it begins. Good luck, hope it sticks!

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Just picked up Wonderful 101 for 600 points! Damn!

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you're welcome!!!

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I've been getting it too, going from 1 bar to full bars. I'm not experiencing any real lag though, seems like a ping reporting error more than actual lag spikes

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Random PC Game is the best feature on the site......SERIOUSLY!

and if you have a boat load of time Persona 4 Endurance Run is awesome

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and I'm an idiot, forgot this site has a damn Wiki!!!

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anybody remember what stream Jeff played Fighting Masters on?