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I've been getting it too, going from 1 bar to full bars. I'm not experiencing any real lag though, seems like a ping reporting error more than actual lag spikes

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Random PC Game is the best feature on the site......SERIOUSLY!

and if you have a boat load of time Persona 4 Endurance Run is awesome

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and I'm an idiot, forgot this site has a damn Wiki!!!

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anybody remember what stream Jeff played Fighting Masters on?

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Boycott the fuckers, the best day of my recent gaming life was when I picked up the last of the new consoles, insuring I wouldn't have to step inside a game shop for the next 8 years (at least). Microsoft, Sony, and even Nintendo seem to be getting a pretty decent grasp of digital delivery, price drops and all!

Viva la Revolution!

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One last question, how are the start ups on both games? It's my understanding that the 3D Zelda games are pretty slow to get rolling (might be the reason I've stayed away until now), wouldn't mind mitigating some of the tedium


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@spoonman671: These console launches have been really rough on the old bucks bank over here :(

Thanks for the feedback guys and gals!

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@truthtellah: already done, should have explained. I was a huge fan of the 2d games, played Between Worlds, now want to dive into a 3d adventure.

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Never mind just found it :)

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Hey guys, I've seemed to have lost the bookmark for it but could anybody direct me to the address (fan made) that allows you to select who you want to see in a quick look then gives you a list of quick looks they are in together