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I am a college sophomore, working on my degree in Computer Science.

I own a PS3, a Wii, and two 360's (don't ask).

Gaming history, you ask? Started with the Atari 2600, graduated to the NES, then stuck with Nintendo through the 16-bit generation up the the N64. After that, I got a PS2. Then I started a cool trend that I uphold to this day: I buy the first system of the generation that I want the most at full price. Then, after my second most wanted system gets a price drop, I grab that bad boy. After that, it is just a matter of how long it takes for the other system(s) to have games that catch my interest.

I used to run several websites dedicated to video games and anime. As my interest in anime started to wane, so did my time spent gaming. This was during high school. Girls were to be discovered! Trouble was to be gotten into!

After starting college, my interest in gaming started to become more prevalent in my purchasing decisions. I got a nice HDTV, nice speakers, and picked up a few games. One of them being Call of Duty 4. That was it. I started playing games much more after that. Now, I am a deal-seeker. I only buy games if they are cheap, at least relative to their MSRP.

Well, that is about it. I dunno why I decided to type this out. Ah well, to all you reading, have a good one.