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@loopy_101: I know many F2P games are glitchy, filled with microtransactions and the like, but there are a few out there that are perfectly fine.

League of Legends (one of the biggest games in e-sports right now) is a F2P games, and it is constantly being balanced, tweaked, and made better for the consumers. Everything that you can buy with real money in that game can also be earned though just playing. Also, the newly released Super Monday Night Combat is free, and it looks pretty fun.

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@MasturbatingestBear: We're actually very chill. I'm not sure where Aris (Bakhtanians) is getting this whole idea that the fighting game community wouldn't work without sexism. No need to insult other players, regardless of their sex. However, Jared getting upset about people calling Phoenix a bitch are nothing but being whiny. Who cares what someone calls a fictional character? Wesker is a cheap bastard and no one is complaining about him being called that!

Most of the time the fighting game community is very open to anyone playing, as long as you are good or trying! There is a small fighting game community where I live locally, and me and my fiancee are both members that show up regularly, and none of this stuff happens.

Also, just as a comparison, there was segregation between races in the US at one point. If he were alive at the time, he would be one of the people advocating segregation because "The United States is nothing if it doesn't have segregation." The idea that if it currently is being done, then it MUST be correct is one of the dumbest things I have read in a long time.

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It sounds like he slurs or mumbles many of the words, and is trying really hard to sound like Adam Sessler.

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Both me and my fiancee have decided to never sell another game again unless we can make double what we paid for it. It's happened with Tales of Vesperia, recently.

Also, we discovered that we had an overlap of at least 15 360/PS3 games (Tales of Vesperia being one of them), so we slowly sold all of those extra copies. Other than that, we keep all of our games no matter what.

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@mr_shoeless: Sadly, this is due to the addition of Patrick to the GB team. Though I like him (and think that he's a funny dude), most of these stories are unnecessary...

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@easthill: Why limit themselves to just the PC when they could at least try to get it on the 360/PS3, and therefore reach out to a larger audience? A bigger audience allows for more of a chance for more money for these devs.

Also, this game seems to be getting some attention far before it's done, whereas those god awful FPS Multiplayer games that keep coming out on XBLA have absolutely no press.
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@Ygg said:
" @Agent47 said:

" Wow...seriously?It can't possibly stay a PC exclusive?What are these people thinking?Now they are going to bankrupt themselves if they put all their effort into this.Which it seems. "

Bankrupt themselves because it's PC exclusive? Uhm, shut the fuck up up you uninformed consolite. CD-Projekt, Blizzard and Valve certainly have been getting along just fine with their library of PC exclusives. Along with other devs. (Total War and Minecraft's Notch say hi)Don't even bother coming back from that, what you said was so incredibly dumb. ;_____; "
Yeesh, calm down, duder. Even if what all you said is true, the PC gaming scene is far from what it used to be. It's much harder to make money on ANY platform, but the PC in particular, due to ease of piracy. Not saying that it's impossible to pirate games for consoles, but it is far less frequent. No need to tear the guy a new one.

Also, I think it would probably be wise for the devs of this game to at least try to get it on a console. It looks like it would fit right in to one of Microsofts "Summer of Arcade" lineups. Game looks polished as hell, and if the gameplay is nearly as good as the visuals, I'm down to drop some money on it. PC or elsewhere.
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I redeemed the top Cerebrus Network code! Thanks so much! I bought Mass Effect 2 used, and haven't played it yet because I didn't want to spend money on that DLC!  

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So...that picture of Dance Central is fantastic!

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