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Hi! I made a website that lets you select a video category (Quick Looks, Subscriber..) and then redirects you to a random video. There is existing work for this purpose (Watch a Random Giant Bomb Video With This) but I took a look at the source code and it looked like a manually assembled list of links, which appears to not have been updated, so I made a solution that will stay up-to-date by itself (it uses the Giant Bomb API and the Bombcast RSS feed to pull in new videos/podcasts). The source code is available on GitHub if anyone is interested (I'm using Python with Flask and PostgreSQL to store the video data).

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Good luck, man.

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That's cool! I thought it would be a joke article at first (about how there's going to be Early Access previews of Giant Bomb videos) but this is nice too.

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@time_lord said:

The Divison plus Oclus Rift I would die and go to heaven

Well.. It's a third person game, so that complicates things considerably if you want to use the Oculus Rift. (it's primarily made for first person games). Mirror's Edge 2 with Oculus Rift, now we're talking.

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Okay, just found out that the Google Feed API at most gets 250 items from one feed and not all of them, so that means that there's currently only the podcasts from somehwere in 2009 until now in there. When I get home I'll look at using some other API.

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I made a new one! This one works with the RSS feed (it fetches it every time you open the site, so it shouldn't go out of date) and I think it works pretty well. It uses the Google Feed API, so I hope that API is not linked to Google Reader, or else I'm gonna have to redo some stuff once they take that down. I'm not a 100% sure if it fetches every podcast until the first one, gonna have to do some testing tomorrow (I basically made this in a few hours, no elaborate testing went into this).

Here's the link:

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@Buzzkill said:

@DoctorLazy said:

It's the most polished MMO ever released and the launch has been smoother than any other launch. It has more complete content than WoW did at launch, and most MMOs ever have. The negativity about the game is ridiculous.

The game's an absolute disaster and now ruined by exploiters. It doesn't even live up to the expectations of single player RPGs let alone come close to a Bioware quality title. The negativity about The Old Republic is massive because it's not just Star Wars nerds to bash on, it's not just EA to bash on, it's not just another MMO to bash on. You have the highest expectations possible from a AAA studio using a flawless IP that prints money, and they still managed to screw it up so badly that even meta critic is correct for once. Just look at all those sellout journalists who review The Old Republic based on its potential and not substance. Then, you've got the customer reviews who give it a 6.0 based on how the game actually feels and plays. This is one for the history books folks and I hope young aspiring developers are taking notes on how not to release a MMO.

So to sum things up you've got:

  • people pissed at bioware
  • people pissed at EA
  • people pissed the game is a disaster
  • delusional fanboys who attract haters
  • haters who hate on anything
  • people like me who love a good train wreck

You don't have a single point that mentions why the game is supposedly so terrible.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

@Maajin said:

Did you guys see this? Some folks at 4chan were, well, 4channing:

They sent this e-mail to

The next day, presumably Gabe wrote back with this:

I can't atest for the truthness of it all, and maybe a really angry intern is taking care of Gabe's e-mail account. If it's really Gabe Newell though, I just hope he doesn't think our favorite thing is a new Day of Defeat or something.

Would Gabe waste his time writing back to 4chan 13 year olds?

He does answer almost all of the mail he gets (which I think is really awesome), but I don't think this one is legit.

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It's stupid that Microsoft is basically shoehorning their own technology like that. Especially the fact that you can develop Metro apps with C# but not with XNA is really strange, as XNA is just a C# framework. XNA is a great framework that makes programming games a lot easier, so why would they limit themselves like that?

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but at this point, I'm considering buiyng MW3 and not buying BF3. Or at least not buying BF3 until significantly after the release. Goddammit EA, I was basically sold on your game but you fucked up.

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