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Microsoft filtering the word 'Glitch' seems very 1984 to me, double-plus un-good me thinks.

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It was the "I'll get him tomorrow line that got me. I was in stitches laughing at how ridiculous that line was. However I chose to look at it as more proof of how a. Fucking awesome Batman is and B. How bad the events of Arkham City actually are.

Now That I think about it though, if Wayne gets framed in the outside world it doesn't matter because Bruce has the perfect alibi "I was in a prison only one dude has escaped from"

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I think the main issue with the Video Games vs. other entertainment is that Vs. It is not a case of who is the best, who is the winner. They all in many cases complement each other. I never hear anyone comparing a game to an album. Why? Because music complements a game, Just as pictures complement words in a comic. I don't know one person who has decided that games are the winner then goes on to only play games. We all read, play, look and read. Why can't we all just get along!

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I had a feeling they wouldn't bring back this decidedly average game unless it was gonna be a total deviation from the first. And if Rockstar ain't gonna do GTA in space then lets see if they can pull it off.

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The Lost game, that was terrible. 
Not that I thought it would be anything other than terrible.

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Its like they failed with the PSP but still want to be the cool tech savvy guys, so have just thrown absolutely everything at a little black oblong. Now too see what sticks.

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I belive I have made my point......Lost.

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Well, Now come the wait for the film, DVD Realese of Tales of the black freighter/Under the Hood and the constant arguements about who gets to play Rorschach.