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@oursin_360: Could you provide some additional details? Things that would be helpful would include:

  • The version of Android you're running
  • If you're playing the video locally or via Chromecast
  • If the issue occurs when streaming and/or when playing a downloaded video
  • If the issue occurs for any quality setting or only certain ones

I'm also not seeing any crashes in the developer console that look like they would be a match. Have you allowed Android to report the crash? If not, please do the next time it occurs. If you could include a description with your report that would be a big help too, because stack traces alone aren't always that useful.

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@zidd: Actually, the latest version does support Chromecast. I haven't had a chance to test with iOS 8 yet, but at least under iOS 7 if other apps on your phone can see the Chromecast dongle then GBVB should too. It can take a few seconds after the app resumes, but it should find the receiver if it's on and connected to the same WiFi network.

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@dvydra: This is a known issue, but unfortunately it's not one I can easily solve on my end. Every so often a video will get entered into the database without a category and when that happens it won't show up in the expected places (if you open the Quick Looks page on the site you'll notice 6810 the Moon & Fenix Rage are absent there as well). It doesn't happen particularly frequently and, when it does, it's usually caught pretty quickly. If you do spot some missing videos, the best thing to do would probably be to let someone from GB know. I'm not sure what the preferred way to do that would be, but my first guess would be the Bug Reporting forum.

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@greks224: No worries; good bug reports are a form of thanks in my book and let me sling a big "thank you" right back atcha for helping to test out that fix. It's already been uploaded to the Play Store and should be available to everyone within a few hours.

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@greks224: You're the second person to report the issue and, frustratingly, so far I've been unable to reproduce it. I don't have many leads, but I have created a new build based on my best hunch. If you have a spare moment, would you mind giving it a go?

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@lebkin: It's currently unclear to me if that's the intended behavior or a bug, but it appears to be a wide-spread, OS-level issue. So far I've kept my devices on iOS7 for development reasons, so I can't easily confirm this myself, but I'm seeing reports of the same behavior in Apple's own apps like Mobile Safari.

@dvydra: Progress syncing is definitely on my radar, but it's not something I'm actively working on at the moment.

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@defordj: That could be the issue. The beta has a lower version number than the current Play Store build and it's possible your phone doesn't like that. Doing a clean install ought to work, but I think I can do you one better. The changes had seemed relatively low-risk and I received some reports that they did the trick, so I'd been meaning to cut a new release when I had a chance and your post was the kick in the pants I needed. It just finished uploading, so it should be available in the Play Store within a few hours.

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@defordj: The first thing that comes to mind is making sure that your phone is set to allow you to install apps from sources other than the App Store. It looks like instructions for doing this on the S5 can be found here:

If that wasn't it, could you let me know if there's any particular error message that gets displayed? Failing to install is a bit unusual, so anything that might hint at the root cause would help in troubleshooting.

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Thanks for sending up the bat-signal, @laika.

@robthefrog I've been pretty swamped lately, so I haven't had a chance to really test out how GBVB performs under iOS8, but I do vaguely recall seeing that behavior in the betas. At this point I'm not sure if it's a bug or how things are intended to work in iOS8, but either way I definitely appreciate the report. I'll add investigating this to my to-do list. Thanks!

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@vextroid: Unfortunately that appears to be a long-standing bug with iOS 7. I reported it to Apple some time ago, but none of the subsequent 7.x releases contained a fix. The iOS 8 betas do appear to restore the correct functionality, though if you're not one to hop onto new OS versions that may be cold comfort.