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Thank god for this thread.

I still can't beat the Cleric Beast, but thank god for this thread.

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Where's the JAR @jeff? This belongs in a jar on a video screen!

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Havent played it on the PS4 yet, but the vita controls are fine. I do wish I could aim with the right stick while walking, but that's a minor complaint.

I noticed minor hiccups and slightly long load times on the Vita - but those might be vita-specific judging from the vids I saw of the PS4 version.

Played it for an hour on the vita today - but I have a feeling I'll enjoy it even more on the PS4 with a bigger screen. The game's art direction is outstanding.

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@quid_pro_bono: It's on my Vita right now... so yes, it's absolutely coming to Vita ;-)

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Played a bunch more last night - once you nail down some of the formulas, and some basic strategies (build fires!), I was really enjoying it a lot more. Steep learning curve for sure - but when you get the hang of it, it really takes off.

Finding your way out of a jam is the best part of the game for sure. A few times I thought I was permanently screwed with next to no health and surrounded by those black ghosts... but I figured out how to make some food, and realized the benefit of fire, and that's when the whole game really clicked for me.

Currently in Year 9 with a good amount of health - looking forward to (hopefully) beating it. If anyone knows how to kill those fucking wolves, LMK!

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@gaspower said:

I was gonna comment that Jason wasn't free to talk about EVO. :(

EVO finals was fucking nuts on Sunday!

Indeed it was. BlazBlue was outstanding!

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I'm guessing all the drama surrounding the podcast is all that N64 talk. What a crappy system.

There. I said it.

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Xbox One makes Xbox One games. Yep.

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In Gamestop, no one can hear you scream.

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Miss you Ryan Davis. Hoping you're in a better version of Game Room now