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5209 New Game Game Overview Sorcer Striker is the first game in the Mahou troligy of game - one of which is the popular Dimahoo, featured in the GB wiki. I'm attempting to complete the trilogy story here on GB, and would like the first game entered. 02/18/13 01:11PM 10 Denied
5204 New Game Game Overview It's a great shooter, the prequel to Dimahoo (which has an entry on your wiki) and has been ported to the Sega Saturn in Japan. More info on the game can be found here: http://www.world-of-arcades.net/R8zing/Mahou2/Mahou2.htm I also plan on entering Sorcer Striker on your wiki so you have the entire shooter trilogy in your wiki. :) 02/18/13 01:00PM 10 Denied
5188 Great Mahou Daisakusen Game Overview Added the various loot drops in the game 02/18/13 12:26PM 11 Denied