Sunset over Panau

Alright, before I dive too far into this I just want to preface this post by saying that some of you out there are going to laugh at this and possibly post some insensitive, downright hurtful remarks...and that's goes anyway.
I like sunsets in games...seriously. And the question I have here is this, how many people play games with a day-night cycle and when sunset/sunrise hit they watch to see it flood the game world in pastel colored hues. The title of this post comes from Just Cause 2, a game with some stunning visuals whose sunsets make the exploding bits of corrupt military personnel all that more beautiful...but there are other games. 
Maybe WoW, while standing on the parapets of Ogrimmar. Or Grand Theft Auto IV, watching the sun set across the water and glint off the steel buildings of Liberty City as you run-over pedestrians while singing along to Russin hip-hop. Oblivion as well, with the verdant valleys and lush greenery of the Elder Scrolls universe as the backdrop. Maybe Crackdown 2,  leaping from building to building. And of course Red Dead Redemption, galloping across a dusty plateau until you are suddenly, violently, mobbed by peaceful. 
This may seem like a 'joke' post, but it is for real. Sunsets in games are, to me, sometimes some of the most technically impressive graphical moments, with all the shadows and the like playing against each other. Let me know what you guys think, do you even notice? Also, what other games have these types of affects, I know I purposefully left some off of my short list above. Let me know!

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