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 With the news this past week that 1 vs. 100 on Xbox is no more, many people cried foul and seemed upset about this sudden cancellation. Two main points came to my mind when this happened. One was, where were you people when 1 vs. 100 was actually, y'know, on. I recall numerous games journalists, pundits, developers, and industry folks saying 1 vs. 100 was weak and contrived (which it often was...though I played it often). Today these same people are saying something akin to "there should be more things like these...not less." 

But, as Chris Cashman (the former host) has noted as has the Microsoft team, this was a good experiment and the various developers are going to apply this knowledge to future projects. Thus, the question I pose. What is next, if anything? I can imagine some pretty vivid, realistic game shows once Kinect comes out...the nervous body language and taunts and dances come to mind instantly. But what other ‘projects’ could be in development that utilize this technology? Are they going to start having an ‘Xbox Poll’ on a weekly basis much like Wii does? Or is there going to be a new type of game show element on a weekly basis? Maybe there will be nothing, and all of this postulating is for naught.

I was genuinely saddened about the cancellation of 1 vs. 100 (I enjoyed the live shows somewhat), but now that it is gone the future has me interested. What do you all think? Is there going to be a new product, something small or big, or maybe nothing at all? What would you like to see the tech used in 1 vs. 100 applied to? I’m interested to hear what people have to say about this.

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I have to assume they are probably working on more Kinect games. As sad as it may be for some, I would put money on there being a Viva Pinata: Kinect Edition sometime in the next few years.

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I personally think the rain from Act 3 of the first Gears of War sets a great, foreboding mood overall. I agree with the Morrowind and Oblivion comments above, and heartily second PGR 4 as a great example of beautiful, elegant weather effects, it is very nicely done.
Good question by the way.

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I've had the WoW dreams mentioned above, and I have had some Mass Effect dreams as well (good RPG's seem like the best fodder for weird dreams).

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Insomniac's podcast is fairly good, as is Bungie's. I haven't listened to Insomniac's  in a while, but Bungie's is still in my listening rotation....they release only one podcast a month though (if that).

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@blazerx9x said:
" am i the only one who considers the iPad a game console? "
I would consider the iPad a portable gaming device, like a DS or PSP in gaming terms. A console, to me, is something which is semi-permanent (not easily transportable)  and connected to a television. I'm sure people have other definitions and ideas though.
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@CitizenKane said:
" @EpicSteve: Of course I remember.  I created the Pippin page the weekend before the full site launched.  ;) " 
Thanks for keeping the history alive good sir.
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The horrible multiplayer lag that pervades Gears 1 and 2. When the game works it's great, when it doesn't it makes me cry and curse all at the same time...which is awkward to say the least.

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@Video_Game_King said:
" Yea, they already did. It was the Pippin, and it only had, what, 12 games? "
You're right...but that was put out by Bandai in 1995...Apple has changed (as well has the gaming market)...they also probably learned from that debacle. One would hope at least.
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@natetodamax said:
" It would be awful.  Chances are it would be like iTunes in that the console would just randomly delete your games and data whenever it feels like it. "
Lol...too true
.@Icemael said:
" It would be overpriced as fuck, and even after that initial price, they'd constantly try to nickel-and-dime me into poverty. They would release a new model every year, and when something didn't work, they'd say it was my fault because I was holding the controller wrong, and try to sell me an accessory meant to prevent a flaw they had built into the machine.Of course, none of this would affect me, because I wouldn't buy it. The incessant smugness from the massive tools (not saying everyone who buys Apple products is a tool... just more of them than I'd like) who would would probably be insufferable, though. "
Amen to that.
@jorbear said:
" I would laugh. Hard. I feel the same way about Microsoft trying to get into the phone and mp3 player market. Just stick to what you're proven at being good at. "
Agreed, good point there.