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Heya folks! I've published my first public release (sort of a beta) of my new game Orbical on Kongregate. I'll just start with saying that it may look a lot like Tetrisphere but before you go "omg, tetrisphere ripoff", try them both out and you'll see that the gameplay is entirely different and new! =)

The game will be published eventually for Android and iOS, so you'll be playing it soon whether you want to or not! Bahah..

Here's the dev-blog btw:

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More Deus Ex? Hell yes. I'll buy anything. A DX branded ice cream hat? Sure! DX logo on a pair of pink speedos? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

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After reading your 'review' here, I can only give you this advice: Start over, take it slowly. Stop and smell the roses (listen to people, really read stuff you find) and you'll end up having a much better time with the game. Deus Ex rewards patience in all ways. You will understand what's going on around you, why you're doing what you're doing, why people react in certain ways and so on. Pretty much the only thing that will not get better is the AI. ;)

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"Abstergo Employee of The Month" and "Role Model" ... 
Do any of you fine folks have them? I've played over 20 hours (and have hit level 50) of AC:B online and i've never been close to getting Extreme Variety (which is one of the requirements for AEoTM).  And role model? Well, that requires actually working together as a team, and well.. People just don't do that by accident it seems. 
These two are the last trophies I need to get a platinum and.. well.. how about some quid pro quo? Surely there are others out there who needs these.

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126+ according to mensa's official online test (which doesn't go higher)

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This is the first free-to-play MMO ever to catch my eye! Actually looks decent... will give it a try, for sure!

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And nooobody listened when i suggested it.... bah.    

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As of now there is no way to search for a combination of things, like games featuring Co-Op on the PS3. 
A feature like this would require having checkboxes for co-op, couch co-op and so on for the games (i suppose), which wouldn't be such a bad idea imo.. 
Tbh I just want the functionality of but on giantbomb.. since giantbomb is awesome. 
Would this be possible in like.. the future?

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@Danterion said:
" "I want to backtrack a lot."  Are you high, Brad? "
Backtracking done in a good way (Metroid and Zelda series) is not a bad thing =)