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Makes it better IMO :D.

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Small off-topic: Is anyone else tired with the overly cynical and sarcastic titles of articles and videos? Especially Alex likes to prove that he doesn't really gives a fuck and he saw everything.

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So this is the next-gen thing then.

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There's no such tweet on his twitter.

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Ryan is answering support tickets, Brad plays Dota and Jeff is traveling everywhere pointlessly.

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Patrick joined GB = site is dying.
Patrick is (kind of) leaving GB = site is dying.

Make up your minds already.

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Never watched a single trailer on GB, but they don't bother me since I'm always visiting content straight through RSS feeds.

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1. Borderlands 1 and 2 are both boring and highly overrated.
2. Old games always suck, except RTCW.
3. Competitive multiplayer scene and games are completely destroyed by CoD.
4. Every F2P game is P2W.
5. EA is alright.
6. No one cares about feminism and sexism and stuff like that in video games.
7. GiantBomb needs some proper news coverage.

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Just started, could use some help :).