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1. Borderlands 1 and 2 are both boring and highly overrated.
2. Old games always suck, except RTCW.
3. Competitive multiplayer scene and games are completely destroyed by CoD.
4. Every F2P game is P2W.
5. EA is alright.
6. No one cares about feminism and sexism and stuff like that in video games.
7. GiantBomb needs some proper news coverage.

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Just started, could use some help :).

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Lords of the Fallen

Also, all the indie Projects Eternities, Torments, Wastelands etc. (If they will be there.) and Witcher 3.

Actual gameplay from GTA V would be nice too.

And Half-Life 3 :troll:

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Baldur's Gate II for the sheer amount of amazing content, great story and writing.

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Brutal Legend - Wasted my money on boring RTS-ish something. Music was good tho.

Final Fantasy XIII - Wanted to get into the jRPG genre, but this stuff was just boring.

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PC is available everywhere.


But to answer your question: if I will never be able to get my preferable console, sure, I'll be the other one. But if it's a matter of waiting - I'll wait.

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@Cramsy said:


You monster.

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Borderlands 1 & 2 are plain boring.

Kingdoms of Amalur is not really great, but highly underrated.

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I guess I should restore my Xbox to factory setting. But I can't do that without the specific combination, which can only be obtained through Xbox Support. But I can't call the support since my account is set to UK and I don't live there, I choose UK only to have Xbox Live, which wasn't available in my country when I was creating the account...

God dammit Xbox! How the hell did you come up with this parental control all of the sudden?

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Nope, still incorrect :(.