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Lords of the Fallen

Also, all the indie Projects Eternities, Torments, Wastelands etc. (If they will be there.) and Witcher 3.

Actual gameplay from GTA V would be nice too.

And Half-Life 3 :troll:

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Baldur's Gate II for the sheer amount of amazing content, great story and writing.

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Brutal Legend - Wasted my money on boring RTS-ish something. Music was good tho.

Final Fantasy XIII - Wanted to get into the jRPG genre, but this stuff was just boring.

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PC is available everywhere.


But to answer your question: if I will never be able to get my preferable console, sure, I'll be the other one. But if it's a matter of waiting - I'll wait.

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@Cramsy said:


You monster.

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Borderlands 1 & 2 are plain boring.

Kingdoms of Amalur is not really great, but highly underrated.

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I guess I should restore my Xbox to factory setting. But I can't do that without the specific combination, which can only be obtained through Xbox Support. But I can't call the support since my account is set to UK and I don't live there, I choose UK only to have Xbox Live, which wasn't available in my country when I was creating the account...

God dammit Xbox! How the hell did you come up with this parental control all of the sudden?

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Nope, still incorrect :(.

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Nah, I've tried all the obvious combinations :(.

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My Xbox 360 asks me for a family settings password. The problem is that I have never set anything like that and I'm past 18 years old by a mile. How the hell did that get into my console? I bought it new few years back and never had any problem like that. What do I do with it? I tried formatting the HDD, but it didn't helped.