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So GTA V is a great game. Some may not like it, but for my money, it's pretty damn good. Not great, good.

My problem is for all the hype surrounding the heist aspect of the single-player, there really isn't much meat to it. You only get about five heists and no room to boost the stats of your accomplices outside of the standard gunman. Further, you're only tasked to set up getaway cars twice, and only use masks once. That, to me, feels lacking.

Yet with such a huge world and so many interesting locations throughout, I feel like there could have been so much more to the heist aspect of the game. Here are a few ideas I came up with. Lemmie know if you agree, or what you would have wanted to see.

1. The jail. It's a big complex out in the middle of the desert that seems criminally untouched throughout. A game focusing on big-time crime sprees could have easily finagled this into its plot line. The first stand out would have been to keep Brad around rather than his current use as Michael's body double. But even without that, there are a ton of characters for which this jail could have been utilized in a breakout.

2. The Casino/Racetrack. Again, too big to miss on the map, yet never touched in any way. For some guys looking to rob and pillage, this is a no-brainer.

3. The Dam. This probably wouldn't really fit in the framework of the heists, but it's one of those things I discovered after beating the game. Blowing the thing up and flooding Los Santos is a plot befitting of something like Saints Row, but this still could have been a really neat set-piece.

4. The Army Base. Sure you steal the chinook for the anti-terrorism mission, and yes this would be a bit of a stretch, but the place is too cool to pass up.

Anyways, those ideas took me about five minutes to formulate. I still think a few of those would have added some really meaningful robbery-related meat to an otherwise scant showing.

What locations would you use and why?

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I felt the same way. I was expecting way more than what I got, and considering the plethora of interesting locales and possibilities for bank hiests in a game like GTA V, this definitely fell short.

Spoilers incoming.

One instance was the case of Brad, who, for the sake of story, was put in the box instead of Michael. Yet, there's an entire prison complex that just sits untouched throughout the game. Why not stage a breakout? Sure, the conflict between Trevor and Michael needed some juice, but the place is practically begging for some kind of narrative purpose. Hell, maybe even lock one of the three in there. Or have Lamar get caught up by the police and leverage Franklin bring the plot to the gang.

The other problem I had with the lack of heists was the fact that I never got the chance to grow my companions. Only two heists require drivers and hackers: the first and the last. Choosing one driver meant no matter what, the second, albeit seemingly unnecessary (in my case, at least), driver never got the chance to grow. Same goes for the LiveInvader hacker who continuously calls you begging for work.

Maybe there just wasn't enough space, or perhaps the need to make Michael more of a "No, really, this is my last job" kind of guy overruled many of the concepts for heists, but I feel like there could have been so many more set-pieces.

Hell, we only got the option to choose our masks once throughout the entire game. You only choose your get-away location twice. In all, there are three meaningful heists. For a game that sells itself on that premise, this came up way shorter than I expected.

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Alright let's do this!

I'm on PS3. My Rockstar account name is Wuddupstick. I just sent a request.

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I'm also interested in joining and, like a few others have mentioned, I'm into the idea of playing 25 hours of horror games because I'm apparently looking for a way to emotionally damage myself for years to come.
You know, for the kids.

I'm Thinking of marathoning both Amnesia games and the Penumbra games.

I haven't signed up yet since I'm still trying to see if my former magazine would like to sponsor my marathon, but I'm wondering if I can join multiple teams?

Still waiting on their response though...

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Very interesting piece, Patrick. It definitely sparked a little something in me, and I figure once I get some free time I might fiddle with this GameMaker thing... Worth a shot, right?

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I find this idea extremely interesting, but I'm also in the same camp as @goldanas. Boiling down life choices to what seem like binary "work vs family" decisions could easily break the empathetic impact Hudson is looking for.

Perhaps that's just by virtue of this setting's seemingly low stakes. The zombie outbreak and survivalist mentality prodding the narrative in The Walking Dead allowed for these decisions to gain significant weight. The same goes for the characters in CartLife and their struggles with remaining afloat in the lower tax bracket when time and circumstance are always stacked against you. Granted, aspiring novelists aren't in the greatest financial terms themselves, but if he's already attending book signings I have to wonder.

I'll have to reserve judgement until I get my hands on it to really tell if this is the case or if that's just how we're interpreting it. The Novelist sounds like it's gone through several iterations, and I'm sure -- or at least hoping -- that Hudson has considered this.

Regardless, the focus on smaller moments that influence relationships in the later chapters sounds greatly ambitious for a one man team to undertake, so kudos, and best of luck!

(Oh, and @patrickklepek, I think you have a typo in the seventh paragraph from the bottom. Shouldn't it be, "'I just asked them all these deep questions about ‘how does it change your *identity*'"? Great job on everything else!)

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Phenomenal work! I personally see Vinny as a Jabberjaw for some reason. Now if only you could put all of these characters into an episode of Whacky Racers...

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The "Don't mess with the animator" bits from Looney Tunes were always a favorite of mine. Glad to see something of an homage here, even if I couldn't be less excited for a full-length R&C movie.

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I was what feels like one of the only defenders of the awesomeness that was Far Cry 2, so FC3 has been on my mind for months and months. Despite that weird E3 showing, I'm really interested to see how the final island came out. Something about using animals and dynamic fire on bandits always gets me giddy.

This game also has me interested in its cinematic first person perspective techniques. They heavily relied on locking the action in first person in FC2 -- e.g. getting into jeeps, healing yourself, etc. -- and with Halo 4 doing the same sort of thing, I'm really interested to see how this compares.

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I got it this morning and have been pretty glued to the TV ever since. The menus and UI are way snappier than before, but they redid the in-game subs menu to be a whole lot clunkier. Still, it looks great (the faces, especially) and it's generally a blast.