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I haven't played much constructed lately because I just don't have the cards or dust to make a fun new deck, but the arena is super crazy.

The other day, I went 12-1 with an aggro Shaman deck based around Jeeves and Hobgoblin. The Hobgoblins did surprisingly well. At one point, I was just putting down too many threatening low cost cards and my opponents had no choice but to leave one or two Hobgoblins, leading to things like a 5/5 Novice Engineer or a super bulky Jeeves.

It's a lot easier to get your board to stick around because the extra padding from the new cards has made it harder to get a ton of aoe clears.

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I've been trying to convince myself that I can be patient and don't need the early demo, but I still find myself coming back here scrounging for extra codes like an addict looking for his fix, so I figured I might as well get a little bit of a release and actually ask if anyone has any extra NA codes they can send my way.

Edit: A duder was kind enough to pass me a code, so if anyone has an extra and reads this, send it on to one of these other needy fellows.

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I started playing WoW pretty late--after Pandaria--but I've stuck with it ever since. It's a really well made game.

Does the Giant Bomb guild have any plans to make a raid group? If so, I wouldn't mind leveling a healer on the server.

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Just wanted to make one more post saying that I battled jinx to close out this tournament and won 2-1. I can't post the videos now, but I'll try to get on that later.

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@fragor87: I mean, it seems like, after you've figured out its moveset, it's sort of easy to predict. It might have just been the Lucarios people have used here though. Most people ran physical with Bullet Punch and Close Combat, and I have Chandelure which gets a pretty free switch in. Then again, I did get taken apart by a Mega Lucario a like last season or something. If people are thinking of banning Mega Lucario I'm not exactly about to try to stop them, haha.

If anyone is still interested in the last season, I just battled @hunter5024 and won 2-0



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If we decide to take a Smogon tier, I think it would have to begin with OU. Any of the lower ones would limit us too much because we don't actually have that many participants

Also, Heatran is kind of strong... I could just plop it in my team in like any place and be golden, so I don't know about that one. Kangaskhan is definitely way too strong, but Gengar and Lucario are manageable. Gengar is weak to Sucker Punch which it seems like everyone runs now, and Lucarios seem to be limited by their movesets.

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I really can't recommend that third match enough. It was beautiful.

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Just finished my battles with Generic_username. 2-0

The second battle got really close! Both of our teams had pretty hard swings.



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I mean, after Charizard was KOed. With only one Pokemon down, I'm not sure I would have stayed in to take the Thunder Wave just to get rid of Thundurus, because that would have effectively doomed Mewtwo to Garchomp. Gliscor also would have been able to stall forever without my speed advantage. It's hard to tell because that's like an entire battle that didn't happen.

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Yeah, Genesect at least couldn't take out Latios the same way, and if it did happen, he would be locked into Ice Beam, which lets Keldeo set up. Mega Charizard probably could have beaten Mewtwo Y's low defense, but, again, the crit...

Maybe immediately switching in Thundurus would have worked? By the time he came out, I didn't really care one way or another whether Mewtwo was paralyzed. I also couldn't counter Taunt him with Whimsicott because I have a defense boosting nature.

Mewtwo, Genesect, and Kyurem-B were pretty much the only legendaries I had, so that's the story behind that if anyone is wondering why I have the big guy.