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My personal favorite was the Vox singing Fortunate Son. I just kind of walked by her at first, but then I heard the line, "...silver spoon in hand..." and I was hooked.

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Maybe first?


Also, sexism is bad. Yeah. Like real bad.

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I haven't bought a Capcom game since I felt screwed by the quick turn-around between MvC3 and UMvC3. Asking for another $60 for a full disc-based game in the same calender year, (ironically) instead of offering the updates and characters as DLC was too unappealing for me. Compare that to the 14 months between SFIV and SSFIV, which had a significant amount new characters, meaningful balance changes, and a $40 price tag.

I've been on the fence about Dragon's Dogma, but now hearing that there's on-disc DLC makes me seriously reconsider purchase, or at least wait for a price drop.

I don't mind day-one DLC as long as it's actually downloadable, but not on the disc. Games are finished months before they ship because they need to go through certification as well as be manufactured. If the developer wants to use that time to create more content, a la Dead Space 2: Severed, then more power to them. But creating content during the standard development time, putting it on the disc that the player purchases, but then locking it behind a magic pay wall is nothing short of disgusting.

But to chime in on the Mortal Kombat argument. The solution to the problem of players having different versions of the game is not to put the DLC on the disc, but instead to have a more user-friendly way of updating the game. This, in part, will require a more stream-lined approval system between the game's developer and the platform holder (i.e. NetherRealm and Microsoft/Sony). If people are playing the game online, they already have a connection to download the update. At very least, the game should throw up a notification when the player selects the Online Multiplayer option that says, "Yo, if you wants to play the online, you gots to get the patch."

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Sure enough, all I needed to do was attack one of the pillars with a dominant alignment 7-point Attack Magick spell. Sorry for being a bit critical of your comment BoG. And plus, thanks for quoting me and thus awarding me the Mod Comment quest. I have now completed this amazing game and am among the legion of those who wonder why the hell Silicon Knights hasn't buckled down for a sequel yet!

My Completed Games list of 2012:

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@BoG: Your name is BoG and your avatar is of Megaman looking at a mountain. I have absolutely no idea why either of those signify your affinity for Eternal Darkness. None the less, thanks for...well...nothing. But still, I'm glad I got a few response to this however useless they were. I'll try grinding against this wall until it works. Any further, and actually helpful; dare I say "anecdotal", info would be appreciated.

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Seeing that I am asking for help regarding the final chapter of the game, I suppose I'll throw up a general SPOILER WARNING. However, I don't really see this getting into story stuff. Double however, if you're commenting on this you've probably beaten the game.

I started playing Eternal Darkness earlier this year, but after taking a lengthy break I decided to wrap it up this morning. I'm in the final chapter as Alex and I am currently activating the various pillars to summon an Elder to counter Pious's. Pious is aligned with Xelo'lotath (Green), which makes my dominant alignment Chattur'gah (Red). I am up to the 6th pillar, moving from left to right, which was yet another Pargon rune. After dropping a Pargon onto the 6th tower I am warped into a room with three large pillars, not unlike the one the vampiritic creature fed off of in the Edward Roivas chapter. Each of the three pillars is engraved with each of the elder gods' symbols (Green, Blue, Red), and I must destroy all of them to take down the purple barrier and continue.

Every walkthrough I have found says that I need to use a Mantorok-aligned 7-Point "Attack Magick" spell while standing in the center of the room to destroy all three of the pillars at once. The only problem is that I DO NOT HAVE a Mantorok alignment! Apparently I missed getting it back in the Edwin Lindsey chapter and do not have an earlier save. Every time I attempt to attack individual pillars with a properly aligned Attack Magick or an enchanted weapon the other two pillars feed the pillar I am attacking with energy to summon a Horror. I have even attacked all three individually in an attempt to get the horrors to fight each other to no avail.

So, is there a way I can take out these pillars without the Mantorok rune?

I have found several posts that state that the Mantorok rune is optional, but have been unable to find any walkthrough or video that shows someone dealing with this room without it.

Here is a video of where I am at in the game (being beaten with the Mantorok rune):

Here is a video of someone getting the Mantorok rune:

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Wow, the Internet's trademark knee-jerk negativity never ceases to amaze me. I thought a match-three puzzle game with Pac-Man sounded dumb. But you know what? Pac-Chomp for iOS is amazing. Hopefully this will be amazing. And I'm not going to make any snap judgements...until I watch the teaser trailer tomorrow...then I'll feel free to shit all over this.

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Though I've never played the original Wasteland, or Fallout 1 or 2, I just backed this project. But now I'd really like to go back and play the original Wasteland to get a feel for why it is such an apparently important game in the Western RPG scene. Is there any way I can legally acquire a copy of this game? I have already checked, but because the original licencing rights are tied up between companies it would seem there is no easily available digital version of the game.

Anyone know how I can get a copy of Wasteland? And once again, I'd like it to be legal. I've already found torrents for it. But I'd rather not pirate...yar...

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But if I were to make an entirely new account with a new email address it would be free of Origin. But it is encouraging to hear you're not having a problem with it. Thanks.

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I ordered a physical copy of SWTOR from Amazon a few days ago, and I have been contemplating connecting it to my Origin account. I downloaded Origin shortly after its release to get into the BF3 Alpha and connected what few EA PC games I owned to the service. These included Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening, DA2, and ME2. Because all of these games were physical copies Origin still requires me to use the disc when playing them. However, my discs for these games are currently in another state and I have little interest in revisiting the titles any time soon.

Several of my friends have suggested I do not tie my SWTOR and Origin accounts together because of EA's poor customer service in relation to Origin. But when I go to uninstall Origin it warns me that this may cause problems when trying to play my other EA games. But I had installed all of my Dragon Age games to my PC before tying them to Origin. So, I ask, will uninstalling Origin totally destroy the Dragon Age files I'm not entirely sure I'd like to return to? Also, I imagine that if I was not going to tie my Origin account to my SWTOR account I should most likely not use my old SWTOR board name I used to get into the Beta, as it is the same as the one I have tied to Origin.

Sorry for the long question. Thanks.